Start-ups Portfolio

EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups

2D fab AB


Large-scale manufacturer of green graphene

2D fab is a large-scale manufacturer of green graphene. The start-up offers the world’s most cost-efficient high-quality graphene products, with years of experience and research behind our manufacturing process.



On-site and real-time multimetal analyser of water

3AWater offers a portable device for on-site measurements of metals in waters. Our technology gives the mining industry real-time information on the metal levels in their process and wastewaters and enables them to react to any anomalies in a fraction of time that is possible at the moment. Features such as ease of use, simultaneous multimetal analysis, broad measurement range and affordability (≤ 50 € per measurement) make the technology unique against competitors.

3D Strong


Developing additive materials based on CNTs to increase mechanical strength and durability of 3D printing materials

3D Strong produces additive materials based on modified Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which significantly increase mechanical strength and durability of 3D printing materials, add electrical conductivity, remove statics and give unique properties to final products.



Innovative recycling plants

9-Tech is a new innovative start-up that studies and prototypes new processes and pilot plants in the context of circular economy, in particular technology for the recovery of strategic metals from e-waste. Several promising researches were performed in laboratories of the University of Padova (PV panels recycling, PCBs recycling recovery of Neodymium from permanents magnets, Recovery of Tantalum from end-of life capacitors) and they should be tested at pilot scale before reaching industrial applications.

Among the technologies under studying, the one with higher TRL concerns PV waste recycling. In particular, during the 9PV project, it is under development and construction a prototype for the profitable recovery of raw materials from end-of-life PV panels.

The main business deal of the company is to realize and sell, in Italy and Europe, these recycling plants that will allow to recover more materials and with higher purity in comparison with existing solutions. The start-up already has high experience and know-how on PV waste treatment gained before and during ReSiELP research project.  9-tech can also provide assistance in the engineering of other pilot plants.

abaut GmbH


Smart technologies, that generate unique knowledge in challenging industrial environments

Our products & services for construction, mining and smart city generate unique knowledge to support engineers, architects and public authorities around the world to take better decisions.

Agristarbio – Environmental Solutions, Lda


Closing nutrient’s cycle for a better tomorrow

A unique fertiliser: a new breed of organo-mineral fertilizer that unleashes the power of organic matter into the soil and crops, with stabilized organic matter that promotes microbiology of  the soil and is produced in an unprecedented sustainable way.



Selective sorbents for enrichment and extraction of strategic metals

Ajelis develops sorbent systems that can selectively capture metals in hydrometallurgical processes. The company has developed expertise in strategic metals, particularly rare-earth elements as well as lithium separation from magnesium or other bivalent pollutants. The solution consists in a filtration-column system, loaded with proprietary extractive fibres, that can directly replace current ion-exchange resins (printer/printer cartridge business model).

Akvola Technologies GmbH


Akvola Technologies’ systems save money, water and CO₂

Akvola Technologies is a water technology company that provides cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions based on the proprietary MicroGas™ Fine Bubble Generator and akvoFloat™ – a flotation-filtration process– to clean hard-to-treat industrial wastewater containing high concentrations of oil (free and emulsified) and suspended solids.

Albufera e-Power sl


Batteries for a new energy model

Reconditioning and reuse of existing Li-ion batteries within the Electric Vehicles (EV) sector.