Join the Raw Materials Summit 2020!

The Global Innovation and Technology Conference in the Raw Materials Sector Early bird registration is open! Metals, minerals and advanced materials are vital for the EU economy and are the key enablers for the clean energy transition and future mobility. The sustainable management of natural resources and the shift to a green economy are essential in achieving a resource-efficient and competitive economy in Europe. […]

11 February, 2020|

AMICOS innovation project for Digital Mines kicks off in Trento

Autonomous monitoring and control system for Mining Plants First AMICOS meeting was hosted in Italy by Fondazione Bruno Kessler The raw materials industrial sector is increasingly implementing innovative techniques to improve productivity from existing assets and infrastructure leveraging on continuous innovations in sensor technology, machine connectivity, robotics and Artificial Intelligence. However, the potential of digital transformation needs to be translated into the successful implementation of these new technologies in the raw materials industry. [...]

11 February, 2020|

Set up tomorrow’s science-based business with the EIT Jumpstarter 2020

Turn your innovative idea into a budding business! Apply for the new edition of the EIT Jumpstarter 2020, one of the most well-known European pre-accelerator programmes! This year, for the very first time, candidates are able to submit their innovative ideas in six thematic categories. In addition to the raw materials, healthcare, agri-food, there are three new areas: energy, manufacturing and urban mobility. […]

3 February, 2020|

EIT RawMaterials publishes Position Paper supporting the European Green Deal with a focus on raw materials and advanced materials to secure Europe’s industrial leadership and sustainable future

Raw materials are vital for the EU economy, the green transition and a sustainable future The EU Green Deal was adopted on 11 December 2019. It includes a package of legislative and policy initiatives towards 2050 climate neutrality and increasing climate ambition for 2030. European policies will be framed by the objective of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. […]

29 January, 2020|

EIT RawMaterials supported start-up Metalshub grows in 2019 to EUR 100 million platform turnover

Metalshub, the digital platform for buyers and sellers of metals and ferroalloys, managed to almost fivefold its platform turnover in 2019 to reach EUR 100 million The word that perfectly describes the year 2019 for Metalshub is “growth”. The digital metal marketplace was able to grow to EUR 100 million of legally binding contracts concluded over the platform, a fivefold increase compared to the  EUR 20 million achieved in 2018. [...]

24 January, 2020|

Accell Group shifts to automated production of carbon fiber bicycle frames from REIN4CED start-up

Accell Group announces collaboration with Leuven based innovator REIN4CED supported by EIT RawMaterials Today, on 16 January 2020, Accell Group and REIN4CED have announced their collaboration on the automated production of high-end carbon fiber bicycle frames for Accell. Mid 2020 the first hardtail mountain bikes with the new technology for Accell’s brand Ghost will be available in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Czech. REIN4CED set up a brand new automated manufacturing facility in Belgium. [...]

16 January, 2020|