EIT Materials Raw Materials University Days

Raw Materials University Days (RMUD) is a communication campaign launched by the European Commission (DG GROW) in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials. The event will now be hosted and funded by the EIT RawMaterials KIC under the umbrella of the RawMaterials Academy.

The aim of RMUD is to promote skills and employment in raw materials, in order to boost sectorial competitiveness and sustainable growth while showing the huge potential of European raw materials. The target audience is either young people that are choosing their studies, or future graduates who we would like to inform about the study and career opportunities in the raw materials sector.

The event should show practical examples of career opportunities across as much of the raw materials value chain as possible, including exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution, covering a number of industrial sectors, including downstream sectors working on eco-design and substitution (e.g. car, chemical, aeronautic industries). Cooperation with industry associations and existing networks of universities specialised in relevant fields would bring added value to the initiative.

The host university will be responsible for designing the main content of the event in discussion with the CLC Education Manager, providing the event description and the budget to the CLC, the procurement and payment of all goods and services of the event, the full delivery of the event, and providing follow-up information after the event (such as statistics on students who go on to study a raw materials-related course at the host university, if possible in accordance with national data protection legislation).

Education staff (EIT RawMaterials CLC Education Officers and HQ) will provide content input and support, a project agreement, payment of the agreed budget to the host university (approx. 10 -12 k EUR per event), a speaker from EIT RM, where possible, liaison with the European Commission regarding the use of their logo on promotion materials and will send an invite to the Commission for a speaker at the event.

The KIC aims to organise at least 3 Raw Materials University Days per year as requested by the European Commission, starting in 2017. To encourage outreach beyond the KIC, applications from non-partner universities will also be considered. An RMUD at a non-partner university may apply for funding from the RawMaterials Academy of up to 10 k EUR, depending on budgetary availability.

Up to 6 RM University Days will be held at partner universities (to ensure a fair geographic distribution, we will aim for 1 event per CLC per year). In line with information received from DG GROW, priority will be given to universities who had previously expressed interest or been invited to host an event. In the interests of fairness and transparency, it has been decided that further host universities for 2017 and onwards will now be selected via a call which will be sent out from the CLCs. The call and details of the application process will also be advertised via the European Commission website, our own webpage, and other public channels. Universities must fill out a short application form and return it to EIT RawMaterials. These will then be evaluated by the Education team from the CLCs and HQ paying particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Number of students targeted
  • Parts of the value chain covered
  • Links to career opportunities
  • Involvement of industrial partners and research associations
  • Interactive components such as a site visit, workshop or panel discussion

Priority will be given to universities who have not yet hosted a Raw Materials University Day. Interested universities should apply by 22 January, 2017 at midnight.

Application form