The Executive Board of EIT RawMaterials is composed of six members from the Core Partners and an external chair with relevant networks and industry experience.

The Board serves as the Steering Board and among other tasks approves the annual business plan of EIT RawMaterials.

ChairDr Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior Advisor, The Swedish Association of Engineering Industries

Deputy ChairProf Luc Moens, Professor in Chemistry, Ghent University

Treasurer: Dr Hans-Jürgen Wachter, Executive VP New Business, Technology & Scouting, Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG


Dr Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, Senior Advisor, VTT

Dr Åsa Sundqvist, Senior Vice President Technology and Process Development, LKAB

Dr Gregor Brodt, VP Global Development, BASF Group

Carlos Rich, Strategy Officer and Director International Division, Atlantic Copper