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I-EDDA innovation project establishing state-of-the-art methodology and technology in exploration drilling

I-EDDA: Innovative Exploration Drilling and Data Acquisition As exploration goes deeper, drilling costs increase, so does the need to extract as much information as possible from each drilled meter. Innovation project I-EDDA aims to bring together drilling engineers and geoscientists to develop new on-site measurement technologies and drilling methods. The I-EDDA network is partly built around the [...]

2019-08-22T16:36:11+00:0022 August, 2019|

Successful development of a virtual reality safety training for the mining industry

EIT RawMaterials supported start-up Innan AB secures first customer Innan AB has developed safety training programs simulating various types of accidents in mining and industrial environments using Virtual Reality (VR). By utilising VR, education training can be held in environments mimicking the real world, but without any risks for [...]

2019-08-21T15:05:23+00:0021 August, 2019|

eMaintenance365 tech start-up enables sustainable operation and maintenance through advanced analytics services

Successful cooperation of eMaintenance365 start-up with the EIT RawMaterials industry partner eMaintenance365 start-up, recognised as one of the TOP most promising tech start-ups in Sweden with global potential, has developed a big data analytics solution that visualizes needs for maintenance based on your real-time data. […]

2019-08-01T20:06:53+00:001 August, 2019|

SETI. SummEr school on critical raw maTerials: Innovation and entrepreneurship

Fostering skills and talent development SETI, an education project supported by EIT RawMaterials, demonstrated remarkable success in achieving the goal of innovation in education and enabling skills and talent development, connecting partners from business, research and education (knowledge triangle) and transferring skills to local SMEs. […]

2019-06-24T09:52:09+00:0020 June, 2019|

Innovation project TAPA offers thermoplastic-based recyclable products for the automotive industry

EIT RawMaterials supported project TAPA has developed innovative solutions to substitute rubber for sustainable materials in car components manufacturing European manufacturers often utilise input raw materials that are sourced in other continents such as Asia or Africa. There are different reasons for this, among which is the fact that some raw materials are simply not [...]

2019-06-24T09:52:10+00:001 March, 2019|

Innovation project COFREE offers Cobalt-free solutions for cemented carbide tools and their production

EIT RawMaterials funded project COFREE has boosted R&D forces of partners to develop cobalt-free mining and manufacturing tools Mining and manufacturing tools are developed in industry labs using sophisticated R&D competencies, including rigorous tool testing methodologies. This has led to the production of tools, made from cement carbides, which have had an increasingly high resistance [...]

2019-05-06T14:06:51+00:0018 February, 2019|

TOP STARS School combines technical expertise with Innovation and Entrepreneurship experience

TOP STARS – innovaTion challenge fOr PhD STudents And ReSearchers The TOP STARS 2017 Winter School is part of the innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) education component of the EIT RawMaterials, primarily open to PhD students and young researchers. TOP STARS draws upon the experience of other schools and pilot projects proposed [...]

2019-06-24T09:52:10+00:005 February, 2019|

Europe promotes the concept of a Circular Economy via intCEB internationalisation project

Europe is promoting the concept of a Circular Economy Carbon footprints of urban transition: Tracking Circular Economy promotions in Guiyang, China The intCEB research project is an internationalisation project supported by EIT RawMaterials that aims to foster best practice exchanges between China and Europe on a Circular Economy, running between April 2017 and April 2018. [...]

2019-06-24T09:52:11+00:0016 November, 2018|

FREECATS project offers state-of-the-art service supporting the development of Critical Raw Materials-Free catalysts

Cleantech project on waste-water decontamination Sustainability is a leading vocation, and opportunity for the modern industries and many efforts are being directed to developing technologies with limited environmental impact and free of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). The research necessary to implement such new technologies is sometimes quite demanding for the small-medium enterprises and big companies [...]

2018-10-12T14:26:05+00:0012 October, 2018|

Project MiRaCLe develops an innovative spin-off Kerline that manufactures keratin-based biomaterials and products

EIT RawMaterials supported project MiRaCLe develops an innovative spin-off company Kerline MiRaCLE is a Network of Infrastructures (NoI), an innovation project supported by EIT RawMaterials since January 2016. The project consortium shares competencies, expertise, equipment, instruments and themes to develop new bio-materials composites from renewable resources for the substitution of critical raw materials or toxic [...]

2019-06-24T09:52:12+00:0028 September, 2018|