Building on the success of the four former editions of Eramet Open Innovation initiatives in partnership with EIT RawMaterials, we are proud to announce the winner of the 2023 Water Resource Challenge, a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in the mining sector.

As part of Eramet’s new CSR roadmap, Act for Positive Mining, Eramet is highly committed to protecting water resources and accelerating the rehabilitation of its mining sites by fostering biodiversity. Recognising the pivotal role of mining in achieving carbon neutrality and a secure supply of raw materials, Eramet and EIT RawMaterials have joined forces to foster sustainable water management through this innovation challenge.

Overwhelming number of applications

The journey began in June 2023 when the Eramet Water Resource Challenge was officially launched. Over the following months, we received an overwhelming response from more than 90 start-ups and SMEs around the globe, submitting a diverse array of solutions to address the challenges of water resource management in mining.

Four finalists were chosen from the shortlisted ten, providing a broad spectrum of solutions, ranging from metal recovery and water treatment, leak detection, real-time monitoring and groundwater flux measurement. At the Grand Final on 13 March 2024, the finalists pitched their solution to the Eramet Group’s Executive Management.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Weeefiner, the winner of the prestigious Eramet Open Innovation Challenge 2023 in partnership with EIT RawMaterials!  This start-up from Finland revolutionises water treatment through their innovative 4D Scavenger® technology to recover soluble metals and nutrients from process and wastewaters.

The startup receives a prize of 50k€ to test its solution and validate the proposal’s feasibility within Eramet Group .   In addition to the winning startup, we extend our best wishes to the other three finalists, Nagaré Hydro, Terra 15 and 2S Water, for their great efforts and look forward to seeing their groundbreaking work strive.

“Open innovation is pivotal for Eramet’s business as it not only fosters creativity and ingenuity but also accelerates the pace of progress towards sustainable mining practices. By collaborating with startups and piloting innovative solutions, we can drive meaningful change and act for positive mining.” Marion Lenoir, Open Innovation Director at Eramet Ideas

The Eramet Water Resource Challenge aims to identify groundbreaking solutions and foster lasting partnerships between Eramet and the broader innovation ecosystem. As we stand on the brink of a new era in mining, Eramet, together with EIT RawMaterials, remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and responsible stewardship of our planet’s precious resources.

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