EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub Adria will host ADRIA Innovation Day to enhance the raw materials network in South-East Europe

Innovation in primary and secondary raw materials sector in South-East Europe ADRIA Innovation Day 2019 will present opportunities for the business sector under the EIT RawMaterials and the Regional Center ADRIA to enhance raw materials network in South-East Europe. […]

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EIT RawMaterials supported innovation project SUPRIM brings results to a broader audience

How better to account for your primary raw materials in your LCA EIT RawMaterials supported innovation project SUPRIM stands for SUstainable management of PRIMary raw materials through a better approach in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment. It is a three year-funded EIT RawMaterials project that will offer solutions and services to address impacts of resource use [...]

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EIT RawMaterials supported start-up Circularise partners with Domo and Covestro on full plastics traceability

Transparency achieved through blockchain technology DOMO, Covestro and Circularise have announced a new collaborative project for circularity in the plastics industry through the use of blockchain technology. The newly formed Circularise PLASTICS project group aims to set up an open standard for sustainability and transparency within this field. Cicularise protocol enables trusted data exchange in fragmented supply [...]

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The Raw and Circular Economy Expedition gathered sustainability pioneers to unlock solutions to making mobility sustainable for Europe

#EITRACE2019 70 Master students went on a two-week, challenge-based learning journey across the raw materials value chain On 18-31 August 2019, 70 Master students from 27 leading European Universities participated in the Raw & Circular Economy Expedition (RACE) 2019 – a two-week, challenge-based learning journey across the raw [...]

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The Finnish EU Presidency Event: European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy, EIT RawMaterials showcases innovations, latest scientific knowledge

EIT RawMaterials sessions will showcase the importance of minerals, metals and materials in the context of the sustainable management of resources and the shift to the green economy The conference European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy will be held between 30 September and 1 October 2019 in Helsinki, Finland with a view to presenting the [...]

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EIT RawMaterials partners will gather innovators to solve key challenges for education in the digital age at the DigiEduHack

#DigiEduHack Be part of a global community and become a change-maker! We are excited to announce EIT RawMaterials partners for this year’s Digital Education Hackathon, the DigiEduHack, where five EIT Innovation Communities will launch 50 Hackathon events across Europe and beyond on 3 October 2019. […]

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EIT RawMaterials joins the first annual European Research and Innovation Days to discuss the EIT Community impact driving innovation in Europe

#RiDaysEU #EITcommunity #EITimpact Bringing stakeholders together to shape future research and innovation policy The European Research and Innovation Days is the first annual policy event of the European Commission, bringing together stakeholders to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape. […]

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EIT RawMaterials Innovation RIS Hub Baltic will foster competitive innovation in the raw materials sector in the Baltic region

The newly opened regional innovation RIS Hub Baltic will connect research and science entrepreneurs with industry partners to increase innovation capacity and industrial competitiveness in the region Riga Technical University (RTU), Kaunas University of Technology and Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) will foster the integration of the local Baltic ecosystem by establishing EIT RawMaterials Hub [...]

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EIT RawMaterials Alumni holds the first edition of the Company Challenge in conjunction with Atlantic Copper

20 Alumni from a range of EIT RawMaterials activities travelled to Huelva for an intensive two days of problem-solving Company Challenge is a hands-on, industry-focused event for EIT RawMaterials Alumni. Working in groups over an intense 48 hours, participants developed solutions to a technical challenge and presented their results. […]

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New cohort of RawMatCop research projects selected

Three post-doctoral and two placement research projects have been selected in the RawMatCop 2018-2020 Programme second call for projects! Five EIT RawMaterials partners have been selected to execute 12-month research projects where they will develop innovative new skills, expertise and applications of Copernicus data and services for the raw materials sector. […]

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