EIT RawMaterials partners launch European MSc in Geomatics

Geomatics programme aims to educate future leaders and innovators in Mineral Resource Management The rising global demand for raw materials necessitates the extraction of mineral resources in harder-to-access areas of the geosphere. Simultaneously, the highest levels of safety and environmental and social regulations need to be fulfilled, as well as the optimisation of natural resource use though recovery maximisation. […]

17 June, 2019|

BroadBit installs and qualifies a novel green cathode production process

BroadBit develops revolutionary new batteries to power the future green economy BroadBit Batteries has installed and qualified a new cathode pilot production process that is exceptionally low cost and environmentally friendly. The pilot process can produce a constant thickness of cathodes over one meter in length. Uniquely, it does not use slurries, heating ovens, complex [...]

14 June, 2019|

EIT-Label Student Board kicks off an inspiring meeting

Label Student Board meeting in Berlin brought together the newly elected Board members and kicked-off two key upcoming initiatives EIT RawMaterials EIT-Labelled Master programmes, a segment of the EIT RawMaterials Academy portfolio, offer six unique Master programmes that enable students the opportunity to study at several centres of excellence throughout Europe. […]

27 May, 2019|

Raw Materials Summit 2019 marks the award ceremony of the Raw Materials Battery Challenge winners

Powering sustainable raw materials design, sourcing, processing and recycling for Batteries EIT RawMaterials called innovators from across Europe to share their ideas on how to radically change raw materials sourcing, processing and design for energy storage in electric mobility. […]

21 May, 2019|

Call for Applications for Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship Projects & Academic Placements to Industry/Authorities

RawMatCop Call for Applications – Uncover the power of Copernicus for raw materials solutions! Apply for the call by 5 July 2019! In December 2017, as a result of the call – Copernicus Building Skills Actions – from the European Commission/DG GROW, EIT RawMaterials was awarded a three-year action, the RawMatCop 2018-2020 Programme. […]

21 May, 2019|

Morecovery – new Innovation project in the raw materials sector

Morecovery is a metal and mineral recovery service at a laboratory and/or pilot scale that allows organisations in the raw materials extractive industry to assess whether it is worth recovering metals and minerals from their solid and liquid side streams. The demand for raw materials, especially those that are on the list of critical raw materials created by the European Commission, is growing rapidly in the EU and globally. […]

20 May, 2019|

Successful launch of the BioLeach innovation project supported by EIT RawMaterials

The BioLeach project will develop innovative bio-treatment of raw materials On 13 March 2019, a new innovation project BioLeach officially kicked off at the premises of UVP TECHNICOM, led by Ing. Darina Štyriaková, PhD, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies of the Technical University of Košice. The EIT RawMaterials funded project brings together universities, research institutions and industrial enterprises from eight European countries. […]

9 May, 2019|

Fraunhofer and EIT RawMaterials Academy launch a new course for raw materials professionals

Identify and differentiate the steps in developing lightweight products. Design, construct and fully utilize the lightweight potential. Lightweight Professional 3-day course starts in September 2019 Whether in the field of machine engineering, transportation or development – lightweight design always stays on trend. The reason for this is the resource and financial efficiency of lightweight design. However, when it comes to implementing lightweight projects, one may find many gaps in companies’ basic knowledge. […]

9 May, 2019|

EIT RawMaterials General Assembly welcomes new Chairman and new members of the Executive Board

The EIT RawMaterials General Assembly has approved a new Chairperson and five new members to the Executive Board of the EIT RawMaterials, an extension of the mandate of one member has been approved as well. New Chairperson Prof.Emmo Meijer will succeed Dr Jan-Eric Sundgren who has stepped down at the General Assembly Spring on 7 May 2019. […]

9 May, 2019|

SAMOA Research Innovation Project will develop new recycling strategy to minimize material waste

Circular Societies Lighthouse SAMOA – Sustainable Aluminium Additive Manufacturing for high-performance applications EIT RawMaterials funded Innovation project SAMOA, led by the Luleå University of Technology aims to scale up the process chain of raw aluminium alloys from material efficient powder production, energy efficient laser and arc wire additive manufacturing to material recycling in order to reduce the material need of up to 50%. […]

6 May, 2019|