New West Balkan Mineral Register for primary and secondary mineral resources

Uncovering mineral potential of the Eastern and South-Eastern Europe RESEERVE project aims to map the mineral sources of West Balkan countries. The six ESEE (Eastern and South-Eastern Europe) countries include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. These countries have recently not been included in the existing data platforms. Therefore, the aim of the project is the creation of the West Balkan Mineral Register for primary and secondary mineral resources. [...]

29 June, 2020|

Slovenian students in Cross-KIC Skills for the Future recognised for sustainable innovations

Skills for the Future fostering the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in Europe Skills for the Future is a secondary schools programme executed in collaboration with EIT Food and EIT Climate-KIC. Each EIT Innovation Community is active in a different region – EIT RawMaterials in Slovenia, EIT Climate-KIC in Hungary and EIT Food in Sicily. […]

26 June, 2020|

EIT RawMaterials Alumni win the EIT Alumni COVID-19 Challenge

EIT RawMaterials Alumni win TOP 5 ideas in the EIT Alumni COVID-19 Map & Act Challenge The COVID-19 pandemic has already influenced our society in an unprecedented way. The global response to the crisis has been quick and innovative, at both national and regional level. […]

25 June, 2020|

Accelerate your solution to the market with RM Accelerator!

Join the Pan-European start-up accelerator programme! Are you the next top innovation team offering radically sustainable products or services in the raw materials sector? EIT RawMaterials Accelerator programme provides tailored support for start-ups to fast-track their business! […]

12 June, 2020|

New software model to increase efficiency of equipment used in harsh environment

Harshwork develops software that will produce reliable predictions on wear Harsh conditions in mines wears out the strongest equipment, but with a good prediction of wear it is possible to design more durable components and to predict when reparation is needed, thus save time and money. Our aim is to fulfil the need for customers to tell where, and how much, the wear from granular material will affect the equipment. By the end of the [...]

11 June, 2020|

Breakpoint in the 3D printing industry – new additives triple durability

Three times stronger 3D printing materials with new additives The mechanical durability of 3D printing materials increases with 200 percent when added the novel 3D Strong additives shows test results from the laboratory of Riga Technical University. We are thrilled with the results and can’t wait to test our additives in real life. It’s a breakpoint in the 3D printing industry to change the use of technology from prototyping to real industrial manufacturing. The good [...]

11 June, 2020|