Ajelis develops sorbent systems that can selectively capture metals in hydrometallurgical processes. The company has developed expertise in strategic metals, particularly rare-earth elements as well as lithium separation from magnesium or other bivalent pollutants. Their solution consists in a filtration-column system, loaded with proprietary extractive fibres, that can directly replace current ion-exchange resins (printer/printer cartridge business model).

The need

Industries of the mining and recycling sectors are looking to improve their hydrometallurgical processes. But reducing time and cost implies several things:

  • higher selectivity, greater speed of recovery, faster and greener regeneration
  • ability to treat high volumes while reducing secondary wastes (liquid and solid)
  • tolerance to specific conditions (organic solvents, temperature, pressure, etc.)

This new generation of metal sorbents is designed to accounts for all these aspects and is designed to minimise efforts in the recovery of strategic metals.

The solution

Selective sorbents for enrichment and extraction of strategic metals

Value proposition

Compared to existing solutions (ion-exchange resins or solvent extraction), the advantages of a fibre-sorbent are two-fold: it offers a greater surface for sorption (process efficiency) and it can be easily functionalised to absorb given elements (process selectivity).