Start-ups Portfolio

EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups



Batteries based on earth-abundant materials (sodium batteries)

BroadBit is a technology company developing revolutionary new batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy.

Captive Systems Srl


Functionalised magnetic particles for the removal of metallic compounds in water, soil, and air

Captive Systems has developed a technology for metals recovery, water management and treatment to make the hydrometallurgical industry, competitive, environmentally sustainable and scalable.



Prognostics for condition based maintenance

Cassantec prognosticates future malfunctions. Its advanced prognostic capabilities are based on stochastic process modeling and analysis provided through Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. The Cassantec Prognostic Report enables asset operators to understand when in the future a malfunction is likely to occur.



Real-time product lifecycle tracking

Circularise web-based individual product tracking system allows producers to add unique identifiers to any product (e.g. composition product and material contents). This identifier can be used internally and to communicate with other parties in the value chain (e.g. to recyclers: buildup of end-of-life products, value assessment, forecasting, etc.). This communication is based on blockchain, thereby ensuring trust and privacy.

Processing, Substitution




ColFeroX offers a solution to mitigate spreading of contaminations (especially toxic heavy metals such as Zn, Pb, Cu, As) in groundwater. An adsorptive in-situ barrier is created underground using Iron-oxide particles, which filters out the contaminations while allowing groundwater to flow through the barrier. ColFeroX offers a safe, fast, cost-effective, one-time application to remove contaminations from groundwater instead of current pump&treat method, which requires infrastructure, high costs, and continuous maintenance.




Analysing a vast variety of liquids including the most demanding industrial process

Colloid Tek is an innovative solution that changes the way the industry operates with liquids. Collo Liquids Analyzer collects more data from your process liquids and creates more possibilities to develop your production. Collo provides the most accurate picture of the changes in process liquids in real-time and can measure and analyse very challenging liquids.



Innovative and risk reducing solutions in bolts and replacement nuts

Combolt offers smart and innovative solutions, flexible, reusable quick locks, reduced assembly times (up to 99% time savings), security for installed products, an ergonomic solution using reduced work equipment in poor posture and a intuitive solution that does not require any changes in your installation.

Composite Recycling Ltd.


Commercially viable process for recycling whole tyres

Composite Recycling Ltd has developed the first commercially viable process for recycling whole tyres. The process uses molten zinc at 450°C to recover pyrolysis oil and carbon black and steel in a sink-float separation.

Composite Research Srl


MadFlex – a new composite material panel – madly strong and super flex

Composite Research Srl (CoRe) has developed and patented a brand new multilayer composite material panel, called the MadFlex. Its unique combination of stiffness and flexibility, along with the possibility to modulate its resistance to traction and its lightness, enable to create highly efficient and innovative products, able to overcome the limits of existing solutions. MadFlex can replace fabrics and materials, as well as simplify existing projects by abolishing the use of cables, junctions, and struts.