Start-ups Portfolio

EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups



Energy-efficient bioleaching technologies for different ores and type of waste

BiotaTec is an SME developing and licensing novel more energy-efficient bioleaching technologies for different ores and type of waste.

Black Bear


To solve the global waste tire problem

Black Bear believes in infrastructure for a cleaner world. The start-up views the waste tire problem and the threat of climate change as opportunities to make meaningful change.



Batteries based on earth-abundant materials (sodium batteries)

BroadBit is a technology company developing revolutionary new batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy.

Bryne AB


Improving the environmental sustainability, production performance and profitability of the metal and material production industry, through continuous innovation and industrial education

Our innovative research and development steers towards integrated sustainability solutions and conserving the earth’s resources. We work on designs that reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the surplus to the greatest extent possible.

Captive Systems Srl


Functionalised magnetic particles for the removal of metallic compounds in water, soil, and air

Captive Systems has developed a technology for metals recovery, water management and treatment to make the hydrometallurgical industry, competitive, environmentally sustainable and scalable.



Prognostics for condition based maintenance

Cassantec prognosticates future malfunctions. Its advanced prognostic capabilities are based on stochastic process modeling and analysis provided through Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. The Cassantec Prognostic Report enables asset operators to understand when in the future a malfunction is likely to occur.



Circulania offers the first marketplace to make Secondary Raw Materials comparable to primary raw materials

Selling and buying by-products as Secondary Raw Materials, finding and creating new supply and value chains for by-products with your ideas or just discussing daily business and new applications with the industrial Circular Economy community.

Circular Industries


Integrator of proven Technologies that enable maximum, sustainable, circular and economically feasible recovery of (Critical) Raw Materials from complex secondary sources.

Since there are sufficient Raw Materials available above ground, the time has come to develop circular business models to recover these (Critical) Raw Materials through Urban Mining.

Our unique integration of Proven Technologies enables maximum recovery of raw materials, without the creation of toxic emissions and new waste. This process will disrupt traditional industries and is the beginning of a new mining era, in which we can leave our earth alone and restore its natural balance.



Real-time product lifecycle tracking

Circularise web-based individual product tracking system allows producers to add unique identifiers to any product (e.g. composition product and material contents). This identifier can be used internally and to communicate with other parties in the value chain (e.g. to recyclers: buildup of end-of-life products, value assessment, forecasting, etc.). This communication is based on blockchain, thereby ensuring trust and privacy.