Raw Materials — key for innovation and growth in the Post-COVID-19 world

EIT RawMaterials Baltic Sea team is happy to invite you to the Stakeholder Day that will take place on 16 September at 9:30-12:45 EET. This year we go online and live broadcast the Stakeholder Day to you, providing an opportunity to get exclusive insight into the innovative core of our industry.

At the online webinar, we give the stage to leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and top-level educators in our community in the Baltic Sea region. We want to inspire people to create thriving new businesses, learn about new innovations and look beyond industry borders. The theme of the event is Raw Materials — key for innovation and growth in the Post-COVID-19 world. 

Agenda 16 September

9.30 Welcome and introduction

9.40 Importance of raw materials in the European industrial value chains

10.30 How to commercialize research results

11.00 What are the skills needed in making the European Green Deal?

11.45 Scaling up agile and sustainable innovations

  • Nanopow — Transforming silicon powder into Li-ion batteries and cells
  • Viezo — Vibration energy harvesting for heavy duty machines
  • 3D Strong — Breakpoint in the 3D printing industry – new additives triple durability
  • Fractuscan — Drone assisted fracture analytics
  • Kierto Ympäristöpalvelu —  Innovative hazardous waste utilization solutions

12.45 Conclusions and next steps

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Innovation Hub Baltic Sea Stakeholder Day!

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