Driving and fostering innovation along the entire raw materials value chain

EIT RawMaterials enables sustainable competitiveness of the European minerals, metals and materials sector along the value chain by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship. Together with our partners from leading industry, research and academia, EIT RawMaterials offers a number of opportunities to foster new ways of learning and teaching, boost entrepreneurship and join forces to find innovative solutions to global challenges.

Submit your circular business idea to win a prize

Do you have a new business model idea supporting the efficient implementation of the Circular Economy in Europe?

New business models that foster repairing, reuse and sharing, are an essential part of the circular economy, specifically in European cities, where on the one hand most of the material- and energy throughput occurs and on the other, innovative solutions can be rolled out best due to the inherent characteristics of the urban form (i.e. large availability of materials, high population density and urban consumption patterns).

This call is specifically focused on ideas for “new” business models supporting the efficient implementation of the Circular Economy in Europe; ideas in the following themes are expected:

  • Repair
  • Reuse
  • Sharing Economy/Sharing Platforms
  • Circular products, products designed for circularity (easy to repair, reuse or recycle)

Application deadline is 31 May 2020!

Submit your idea for Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize

Join forces for a climate-neutral Europe

EIT RawMaterials, EIT Digital, EIT Climate KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility have created a Cross-KIC action aiming to strengthen the collaboration of internal and external activities related to the circular economy. The Cross-KIC circular action includes two specific calls described below.

Cross-KIC Call on Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a tool designed to help innovative environmental technologies access the market. It consists of the verification, on a voluntary basis, of the functional and environmental performance of technology by qualified third parties, through tests of controlled quality. The end product is an ETV Statement of Verification published on the ETV website and used in business-to-business relations. This enables technology owners to document the reliability of their claims and differentiate from competitors, and it helps technology purchasers identify innovations that suit their needs.

ETV is implemented by accredited Verification Bodies in three technology areas:

  • Water treatment and monitoring (e.g., monitoring water quality, treatment of drinking water and wastewater)
  • Materials, waste and resources (e.g., separation and sorting of solid waste, recycling of materials, end-of-life products and chemicals, biomass-based products)
  • Energy (e.g., renewable energy, energy generated from waste, energy efficiency)

The call is open to any partner of participating EIT Community (EIT RawMaterials, EIT Climate KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility) with a technology included in any of the previously defined areas that have been supported in any ongoing or finished demonstration project.  This call is also open for start-ups supported by any of the participating Innovation Communities.

Application deadline is 30 April 2020!

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Cross-KIC Call on Circular Economy Strategy

EIT Community represents one of the most relevant stakeholders able to facilitate the implementation of this key European strategy. Thematic fields covered by the Innovation Communities represent some of the main sectors involved in the circular economy’s main objectives of resource efficiency and zero waste, so the correct and coordinate work of the Innovation Communities will ensure the implementation of key solutions to support the Circular Economy strategy. To be recognised by the European society as the main stakeholder, a coordinated and efficient collaboration among the different EIT Communities is needed. A joint collaboration will ensure a greater and more relevant impact from the EIT Communities’ side compared with individual actions going in parallel by each Community. In addition, this collaboration will not only increase the visibility of the Innovation Communities at European level but also at national, regional level and also at global level.

A joint strategy is necessary for the EIT Communities to address the Circular Economy topic and shape an impact roadmap for the upcoming years. The right implementation of a joint Circular Economy strategy will only be achieved through the correct use of different actions covering the whole range of potential factors affecting the implementation as policy, markets incentives, innovative solutions, adequate educational and business creation initiatives, etc., and all those factors that are covered by Innovation Communities.

All existing partners of participating EIT Communities (EIT RawMaterials, EIT Climate KIC, EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility) are eligible to apply.

Application deadline is 30 April 2020!

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Forge your career in raw materials

Join an EIT-Labelled Master programme and become a global game-changer!

From the iron and steel of our railway networks, required for transporting people and goods, to the gold and silver used in the circuitry of mobile phones, needed for transmitting information, materials are vital for modern life. Materials are also crucial for the transformation to an economy that emits fewer greenhouse gases. Electric vehicles need cobalt and lithium for rechargeable Li-ion batteries, photovoltaics and solar panels rely on silicon, and gearless wind turbines require rare earth elements to generate renewable energy.

Materials are also finite. Smart, circular, resource-efficient ways to secure the supply of primary and secondary materials for the European industry and economy are in demand. We need people with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to pioneer this transition. Our EIT-Labelled programmes prepare students to be part of the solution!

EIT RawMaterials Academy‘s master programmes offer you:

  • The chance to develop and use your scientific knowledge to tackle sustainability challenges
  • Unique courses, training programmes and bootcamps to give you valuable entrepreneurship and innovation skills
  • Access to the world’s largest consortium in the raw materials sector, through industry events and internships to help you build your network in the sector and identify employment opportunities

Application deadline April-June depending on each master programme!

Launch your career in raw materials!