Start-ups Portfolio

EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups



Positioning solution engineered specifically for underground mines

Widefind is a team of dedicated people that help mining companies manage underground operations for safety, efficiency and productivity. The start-up specializes in positioning solutions for complex industrial environments and provide customers with accurate and reliable real-time data on the locations of their people and assets.

Zero Parallax Technologies


High precision real time virtual reality video

Zero Parallax Virtual Reality (VR) camera and lens technology has the capacity to provide real time “eyes” for remote operated machinery in a form of seamless, measurable, high quality spherical video. Proprietary Zero Parallax camera lens allows to achieve wide field of view of remote locations to provide the operator with situational awareness of the site for efficient task performance and situation assessment.

Process Genius


Digitalisation of industrial processes with Virtual Reality

Process Genius is a company specialising in Digital Twin services aimed at industrial process plants and the sales organisations that supply them. Our services dramatically improve productivity, reduce costs and ultimately save time.