Start-ups Portfolio

EIT RawMaterials supports the following start-ups

Suncrafter GmbH


Power the World Without Consuming the Earth

SunCrafter offers a range of products upcycling solar modules and works on giving second life to other components such as batteries. Our products are easy and safe to use, functioning as stand-alone plug and play systems. We provide a cutting-edge solution for the global challenge to provide clean and affordable energy immediately and wherever needed. This ranges from energy-poor, remote areas to dense urban environments lacking adequate charging infrastructure for mobility services.



Use Chemistry for a Better World

At SusPhos, we believe in a circular economy to achieve sustainability. We are a pioneering company focused on upcycling of phosphate rich waste streams to generate high-quality alternatives to replace current fossil-sourced products.



Product-specific sustainability information

Sustainabill offers a cloud platform to actively manage the sustainability of your entire supply chain.



Water-soluble lubricants

Sustainalube is a developer and distributor of industrial lubricants. The lubricants replace fossil oils in applications where previous biological lubricants have been unable to do so. In addition to having all properties expected from lubricants, the lubricants are water-soluble, environmentally friendly and fire-safe – reducing both risks and costs in the mining industry.

Sweden Mining Support AB


Use Chemistry for a Better World

Our own developed product is the patented Dynamic Rock Bolt called SMS Bolt. Our key customers are in Sweden, Finland and Russian underground mines. Together with our partner Rock Safety System we have made our rock bolt Smart by using their sensors so the bolt behavior can be measured on-line. Underground mines goes deeper with higher stresses in the rock. The need for better rock reinforcement solutions is obvious. Dynamic rock bolts improve the whole rock reinforcement system and make the mines safer and more productive.



Condition monitoring and live and historical data analysis

talpasolutions provides condition monitoring and underground orientation based on sensor data of machines. Instead of losing time by collecting and verifying dispersed information and suffering from costly technical downtimes, talpasolutions’ platform service – asset analytics – offers communication, analysis, and collaboration for fast and actionable insights.



Industrial Internet of Things for mass-monitoring of rock bolts

ThingWave AB is an innovation company working with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) primarily targeting the mining industry. ThingWave has products and services for mass-monitoring of rock reinforcements, e.g. rock bolts. The main product is the Smart Rock bolt, a wireless system for integration of and monitoring of standard rock bolts.

Timegate Instruments


Real-time management of material flows in the mining industry

Timegate Instruments opens up optimum visibility to the chemical composition of materials. This enables to get more out of material analyses and industrial processes in an environmentally friendly manner with minimal distraction and without delays.



Tantalum recycling from printed circuit boards (PCB)

The objective of the project is to upscale the technology aiming at extracting tantalum from printed circuit boards (PCB) that is currently at TRL 5 and to define the right specification for the future industrial plant which should be constructed in 2017, as well as to produce samples of purified tantalum to potential customers.