Discovering new entrepreneurial talent in the south of Italy

The EIT RawMaterials Hub – Regional Center Southern Italy joined for the second time the Start Cup Puglia 2020 competition that aims at discovering new regional entrepreneurial talent in the south of Italy and offers the opportunity to transform a brilliant idea into a successful business, through support activities, project assistance and cash prizes. One of the key activities of the RIS Hub Southern Italy is to support the local ecosystem and enhance the innovative potential of the Mediterranean region. 

In this context, the Start Cup Puglia was a perfect place to organise a #ConnectingMatters Prize to find new innovative and groundbreaking solutions in the raw materials sector.

Our second edition of the #ConnectingMatters prize goes to NUMINA team! Congratulations to Antonio V. Radogna, Roberta Chilla, and Nicola G. B. Santoro!

The goal of NUMINA is the research and production of electrochemical devices, devoted to the detection of contaminants, such as heavy metals and pesticides, in surface and groundwater. The main features of the device are the low-cost, low area footprint and fast read-out times.

Trying to fill the gap between academic research and industry: this is the vision at the core of NUMINA. Like many other realities, it all started from the dream of three friends, with in common the passion for the environment and the technology.

Antonio V. Radogna, NUMINA project leader

NUMINA works in close partnership with the University of Salento (DiSTeBA department) and fits in the almost new unexplored market of fast screening devices aimed at detecting contaminants in water. The devices can be used as a support in the nowadays diagnostic practice of water analysis.

The road towards a successful product is still long, but the #ConnectingMatters prize is, for the team, a strong motivation to keep believing it.

Antonio V. Radogna, NUMINA project leader