NanoPow’s high-quality crystalline silicon nano powder is ten times more efficient than Graphene

The growing demand for high-capacity, long-life batteries is forcing manufacturers to look for new technologies that improve efficiency and increase the longevity of Li-ion batteries. One of these new technologies is NanoPow’s high-quality crystalline silicon nano powder which enhances battery capacity and charge-discharge cycle index. The silicon nano powder can be used in batteries for electric vehicles, electric bicycles, drones, cell phones, laptops and tablets.

We are involved in the development of next-generation batteries. Today we are the only company who is using silicon residues to produce crystalline nano silicon powder. We did the first sell in 2020 after our customers had tested our product in more than two years.

Prof. Dr Hiroshi Nagayoshi, CTO at NanoPow

The start-up NanoPow is based on 20 years of research and experience and has developed an innovative and proprietary process to produce the next generation of silicon nano-powder. The innovation secures high quality, low-cost silicon nano-powder supply available to support the state of the art technologies.

Environmental friendly process

The NanoPow production has zero emissions of any toxic or hazardous gases and is environment friendly. When crystalline nano silicon powder is used effectively, it increases the Li-ion battery capacity without cycle degradation. For battery producers world-wide and for the raw material sector in Europe, a supply of superior silicon for batteries at a lower comparative cost has noticeable long-term and far-reaching benefits.

Electric car batteries are essential in the fight for lower CO2 emissions, and NanoPow’s innovative process is part of the circular economy. The raw material used in the production is sourced from waste. This allows for a considerable reduction in energy consumption and the generation of chemical wastes.

We already have five big companies as our customers. Our ambition is to increase our capacity to 100 000 t in the coming years to satisfy their needs.

Sivakanesar Luxsacumar, CEO at NanoPow

EIT RawMaterials support crucial for success

The start-up was founded in 2016 in Norway and received support from EIT RawMaterials Booster Call in 2018. From 2016 to 2020 the company has increased its production capacity from 1 gram per month to 400 kg per month. When the company was founded, the founders did not want investors to invest capital in the company.

It was a huge challenge for us to figure out how to retain control over our company when we were looking for funding. It was a miracle to get support from EIT RawMaterials! We have gained a lot of knowledge and access to a great network, in addition to financial support.

Sivakanesar Luxsacumar, CEO at NanoPow

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