Lighthouse Innovation Programmes

Driving innovation in the raw materials value chain

EIT RawMaterials is committed to supporting activities that will improve innovation capacity across its community. The primary goal of the Call for Knowledge Creation and Dissemination (KAVA 6) is to generate and collate useful and valuable intelligence, data and information on framework conditions to boost innovation in the three Lighthouses identified by EIT RawMaterials. The expected deliverables of this call are reports that will identify main conditions, including barriers, to support innovation and to identify current gaps in our strategy to further define specific topics in our future calls for innovation projects.

By introducing this call, EIT RawMaterials embraces the practice established by other KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities), whereby reports can also be published, both within the community and to the general public, thus increasing the KICs visibility and impact.

Eligible topics

  1. Transition to Circular Cities
  2. Incentives for Circular Economy
  3. The Cost of Mobility
  4. The Mobility Transition – A new chance for resource-rich Developing Countries
  5. Sourcing Raw Materials and Social License to Operate (SLO)
  6. Deep intelligent exploration and mining

Who can apply

All Partners of EIT RawMaterials are eligible to apply. There are no restrictions on the number, type and geographic distribution of the entities forming the consortia. The Coordinator acts on behalf of all entities in the Consortium and will be the only point of contact with EIT RawMaterials.

Application deadline

Project proposals should be submitted by Friday, 10 May 2019 at 13:00 CET.

For more information: