Modern solutions for rock wall stability management for the mining and construction industry

The core business of FRACTUSCAN start-up is the usage of high-resolution 3D models for rockfall risk management, slope stability analysis and safety optimisation of mining projects. For the construction industry, the 3D models are used for facade and roof inspections. Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) are used to collect the initial data and GPGPU accelerated photogrammetry is used to extract a colour-accurate high-resolution 3D model. Our uniqueness lies in solving client-specific problems on the photogrammetry-based process. Data is collected safely, covering even at first glance inaccessible places. The process is fast, reliable and accurate, using less resources than in case of conventional methods of rock wall stability assessment.

Pilot tests with potential customer mines

FennoScan project, supported in May 2019 with the EIT RawMaterials Booster, aims at fine-tuning and finding the best fit for FRACTUSCAN current photogrammetric solutions in the mining industry by close cooperation with mining professionals. FRACTUSCAN team visited two open-pit mines in Finland and one in Italy this summer for pilot scans. Mines or their sections were scanned and visualised, and the use cases of photogrammetric 3D models in mining daily operations were discussed. Currently, FRACTUSCAN is working with data analysis to provide decision-makers with reliable input regarding slope stability.

High-speed scanning of rock walls

Another task being done under FennoScan scope are feasibility tests of high-speed scanning of rock walls with photogrammetry. The first results are promising – FRACTUSCAN achieved photogrammetric data collection from a roadside rock-cut while driving a car with 30-40 km/h speed. The quality of the model enables its use for further rock wall stability analysis. Next step is testing high-speed scanning with photogrammetry in the tunnel. If the method proves effective it will revolutionise the way we monitor rock structures nowadays.