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The online Management & Leadership development programme is designed for working professionals seeking to deepen their managerial & leadership skills, while also achieving university certification. This training offers participants the opportunity to learn more about their own management style, how best to lead and motivate others and best practice.


Course description

The online Management & Leadership development programme provides an introduction to the role of the manager and the theories, concepts and techniques of self-management. The programme provides insights and knowledge in the most prominent theories of management and leadership and develops an understanding of the core competencies and skills associated with effective management and leadership.

In addition to the online modules, the programme also includes live workshop webinars that provide peer to peer learning opportunities as well as mentoring and support from tutors for the development of the final assignment.

This programme is certified by the University of Limerick (NFQ Level 6 Special Purpose Award) and is designed for progression from certificate to diploma to degree, to Masters with university-accredited awards at every step. Successful participants will be eligible for exemptions in follow-on programmes, encouraging continued education.

Certified participants are also provided with a digital badge which they can add to their email signatures and social media platforms.

Management Leadership Badge

Course contents

The online Management & Leadership development programme is an engaging flexible training course that consists self-guided modules, webinars and online workshops focussed on real world industry examples and projects. It is a self-study programme where learners are encouraged to learn and work at their own pace through interactive and media rich learning materials. The programme is taught in a modular format, but learners have the capability revisit and review modules and learning content that they have already completed.

This Management and Leadership programme is comprised of a number of online modules, including:

  • Module 1: Welcome Pack
  • Module 2: What is Management and Leadership?
  • Module 3: Personal Leadership
  • Module 4: Managing Personal Performance
  • Module 5: Working with Teams
  • Module 6: Managing Continuous Improvement
  • Module 7: Assignment Preparation

Upon enrolment on the dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), learners will need to complete a number of online learning modules and attend virtual workshops /webinars scheduled throughout the duration of the programme. To complete the programme, there is a requirement to complete two assignments will be based on:

  • A Reflective Essay on the learner’s Personal Leadership Profile
  • A Presentation of a workplace example of where the learner will have applied their new learning and skills from this programme.

With these documents, learners will also be required to submit a signed copy of a “Statement of Originality” to verify their assignments are a product of their own work.

The materials that are used to support learning within the LMS:

  • Online Learning Content – All the online learning modules use a mix of multimedia to present material, including text, videos, slide shows, diagrams, charts, and case scenarios.
  • Learning Activities – As learners work through the online modules, they will be asked to complete a number of learning activities based on Management and Leadership theories that are covered. Each learning activity is designed to be a resource for the final submitted assignment.
  • Programme Resources – Additional resources are available with the online learning platform to support additional learning and the completion of learning activities and final assignment.
  • Project Mentoring – Learners will receive project mentoring and feedback on the progress of their final projects.

Tutors provide mentoring and support throughout the duration of this programme through formal lecturing and virtual workshops.

Type of training

The course is a combination of e-learning, computer-based learning, videos and self-study.

Objectives and outcomes

The main aim of this programme is to provide learners with heightened awareness of personal effectiveness and develop skills in personal development, planning and action planning. Upon the successful completion of this training programme, participants will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Develop a deeper level of insight and understanding into personal management and leadership development.
  • Distinguish and understand the relationship between management and leadership.
  • Gain knowledge and apply key theories of both leadership and management back in the workplace.
  • Develop and integrate management and leadership skills into current role including time management, goal setting, action planning, holding effective meetings and group problem solving.
  • Create and action a personal leadership development action plan.




Participants would require their own laptop and a stable high-speed internet connection to take part in this course.


Please register at the following link: www.central-solutions.com/training-compliance/online-management-leadership/

Registration deadline is June 26th, 2020. The course is designed at a duration of 8 weeks of self-paced learning (approximately).

Target Group

This programme is designed to accelerate skills development in new managers, front line staff and team leaders. E.g. Existing Managers looking to refresh skills and reinforce experience with a formal academic qualification, New to Management looking to accelerate learning and Team Leaders looking to progress skills and influence change.