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This Online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a training programme with a difference. University Certified and created by industry experts, you will develop the knowledge and skills required to identify, analyse and develop solutions for Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Projects.


Course description

A University of Limerick certified programme, the online Lean Yellow Belt provides learners with a comprehensive overview of Lean Six Sigma concepts, as well as a guided and practical application of Lean tools & techniques using the standard A3 methodology.

This introductory Lean Yellow Belt programme is comprised of 8 online modules, including:

  • Module 1 – Programme Resources
  • Module 2 – Lean Business Process
  • Module 3 – Define Phase
  • Module 4 – Measure Phase
  • Module 5 – Analyse Phase
  • Module 6 – Improve/Control Phase
  • Module 7 – Creating A3 Reports
  • Module 8 – Assignment

The programme also includes live workshop webinars that provide peer to peer learning opportunities as well as mentoring and support for the development of the final assignment.

The online Lean Yellow Belt has been developed with the support of Lean experts who have extensive industry experience in leading Lean Projects in real world environments. An innovative Lean Six Sigma Corporate learning solution, the online Lean Yellow Belt provides participants with a guided training path for future learning.

Certified participants are also provided with a digital badge which they can add to their email signatures to identify themselves as Lean Yellow Belt professionals.

Lean Yellow Belt Badge

Course contents

The Online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is an engaging flexible training programme that consists self-guided modules, webinars and online workshops focussed on real world industry examples and projects. It is a self-study programme where learners are encouraged to learn and work at their own pace through interactive and media rich learning materials. The programme is taught in a modular format, but learners have the capability revisit and review modules and learning content that they have already completed.

Upon enrolment on the dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), Learners will need to complete eight online learning modules and attend a number of virtual workshops/webinars scheduled throughout the duration of the programme.

The materials that are used to support learning within the LMS:

  • Online Learning Content – All the online learning modules use a mix of multimedia to present material, including text, videos, slide shows, diagrams, charts, and case scenarios. Completing these modules will assist learners in how to apply the DMAIC process and Lean tools as well as developing their A3 Report.
  • Learning Activities – As learners work through the online modules, they will be asked to complete a number of learning activities based on Lean and Six Sigma topics that are covered. Each learning activity is designed to be a resource for the final submitted assignment.
  • Programme Resources – Additional resources are available with the online learning platform to support additional learning and the completion of learning activities and final assignment.
  • Project Mentoring – Learners will receive project mentoring and feedback on the progress of their chosen project along with their application of Lean processes and tools.

In addition to the online modules, the programme also includes live workshop webinars that provide peer to peer learning opportunities as well as mentoring and support from tutors for the development of the final assignment.

This programme is delivered over 8 weeks of self-directed learning. See below a breakdown of approximate estimations of the course workload:

  • Reading and self-study (additional reading materials) = 8 hours
  • Training Time (Online modules & Instructor-led Webinars) = 16 hours
  • Project Work (Running the project in your organisation) = 30-50 hours – this will vary depending on the scope of the project, nature of the business and process for management of projects and change within the organisation.

Type of training

This online course is a combination of e-learning, computer-based learning, videos, group work and self-study.

Objectives and outcomes

The main aim of this online training programme is to provide learners with the skills to identify, analyse and develop solutions for Business Excellence and Improvement projects.

Upon the successful completion of this training programme, participants will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Undertake projects using a systematic approach
  • Identify, analyse and develop solutions and improvements
  • Apply a Lean process improvement methodology (DMAIC) and useful Lean Six Sigma tools to an improvement project
  • Create an A3 report to document and communicate an improvement project
  • Become an accredited Yellow Belt practitioner

The main deliverable of the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt programme is the submission of a complete A3 report, which documents learner’s chosen process / service improvement project.

To achieve certification, learners must complete and submit the following:

  • Complete and submit an A3 report based on their chosen project
  • Write and submit a 500-word summary of the A3 report outlining key points
  • Signa a copy of the “Statement of Originality” document to verify that the project and A3 report is a product of their own work




Participants would require their own laptop and a stable high-speed internet connection to take part in this course.


Please register at the following link: www.central-solutions.com/training-compliance/online-yellow-belt/

Registration deadline is June 26th, 2020. The course is designed at a duration of 8 weeks of self-paced learning (approximately).

Target Group

This programme is aimed at individuals looking to acquire/develop lean six sigma skills in order to embark on, or participate in, a Lean Business improvement initiative. E.g. Individual learners looking to gain Lean Certification, Departmental Managers tasked with championing Lean projects, Senior Management looking to gain an understanding of Lean.