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The Powder and Hard Materials module, organised by PM Life project, looks at the raw materials used in Powder Metallurgy such as Hardmetals, Cemented Carbides, and polycrystalline materials such as CBN, Ceramic and Diamond Tools.

There are many ways in which metals may be produced in powder forms such as Solid State Reduction, Electrolysis or Atomization, Gas atomization, Mechanical Comminution and Chemical Processes.

The further processing and the final results achieved in the sintered part are influenced by the characteristics of the powder: particle size, size distribution, particle shape, structure and surface condition so it is important to understand the factors when using designing with Powder Metallurgy.

For more information on Powder Manufacture, EPMA has a short introduction here. Further information regarding hard materials can be found here.

Registration Deadline: 3 April 2019

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PM Life is a training programme supported by EIT RawMaterials to help develop the future of Powder Metallurgy and help provide a comprehensive training course to help you take the next step in your career. You can choose to attend the full programme or select specific modules if you would like to know more information about a specific topic.