From lab to market: new composite material and a green energy storage solution made in Europe

Each start-up we support has different needs and objectives, that’s for sure, but knowing that some of them are standing out from the crowd is always exciting for us! And it is the case of CoRe and STOREH, the two young companies supported by the EIT RawMaterials Booster programme, have recently won the Open Innovation Call “Ideas 4 Italgas” sponsored by Italgas and I3P.

Composite Research – Renewing Industry Through Materials

Composite Research (CoRe) has developed and patented a brand new multilayer composite material panel, called the MadFlex. Its unique combination of stiffness and flexibility, along with the possibility to modulate its resistance to traction and its lightness, enables the creation of highly efficient and innovative products to overcome the limits of existing solutions. MadFlex can replace fabrics and materials, as well as simplify existing projects by abolishing the use of cables, junctions, and struts.

We were particularly convinced of this project by the strategy of enhancing intellectual property and the high scalability potential of the product.

Giuseppe Scellato, Presidente of I3P, about CoRe

Energy Storage Technologies – Hydrogen On Demand System

Over the last decade, the demand for green energy has dramatically increased. Economic growth and industrialisation increase pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. To mitigate climate change, Europe is on the path towards a green energy transition. STOREH Energy Storage Technologies start-up has developed a hydrogen on-demand (HOD), a system that revolutionises the way we produce and store energy. The HOD system produces hydrogen without requiring compressors and tanks. The new storage solution uses zinc and water to store energy and mitigate environmental impact.

The project intercepts an emerging technological trajectory of hydrogen and has already reached a very advanced prototype stage. We very much appreciated the ability to pass, in a relatively short period of time, from a good idea to a prototype to be tested in the field: it is a sign of an excellent entrepreneurial attitude in the process of technology transfer.

Giuseppe Scellato, Presidente of I3P, about STOREH

Congratulations to CoRe and STOREH teams on this outstanding recognition!

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