Investing in the digital change in the mining industry

Gründerfonds Ruhr, jointly initiated by NRW.BANK and Initiativkreis Ruhr, made its second investment within only a few weeks. Together with High-Tech Gründerfonds, they are investing 1.5 million euros in talpasolutions GmbH. The Essen-based start-up supports companies in the global mining industry by providing big data analyses: customers can work more transparent, secure and efficient.

talpasolutions supports the international mining industry to keep up with the digital change. We were particularly convinced by the fact that the founders are accelerating digitalization on a global level, right out of the heart of the Ruhr area.

Thorsten Reuter, one of the two Managing Directors of Gründerfonds Ruhr

talpasolutions stores, visualizes and analyzes sensor data of mining machines. This reduces machine failures and provides opportunities to holistically optimize mining operations: talpasolutions supports miners in their daily work by making machine data understandable and generating actionable recommendations for improved machine utilization and availability. As a result, mining companies can run their operations much more efficiently and with increased safety.

The solution developed by talpasolutions is highly relevant for all companies that mine raw materials on the surface or underground. It is a prime example of how companies worldwide can become more competitive thanks to new and digital business ideas.

Christian Ziach, Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds

Sebastian Kowitz, co-founder and one of the managing directors of talpasolutions, adds: “Thanks to the participation of Gründerfonds Ruhr and High-Tech Gründerfonds we can expand our team of developers and thus react appropriately to the increased number of inquiries by our globally operating customers.

talpasolutions was founded in 2016. The team of four founders from Essen work together with manufacturers of heavy machinery and international mining companies in order to achieve better utilization of their mining machines and related operations.

About Gründerfonds Ruhr

The Gründerfonds was initiated jointly by Initiativkreis Ruhr and NRW.BANK and is the first early-stage private sector fund in the Ruhr region to be financed by regional industrial and financial companies. The fund invests in innovative and technology-oriented companies from the life science & health, digital economy, chemistry & new materials, energy & industry and logistics & trade sectors. The prerequisites are good growth and exit prospects as well as competent management. As a multi-corporate early-stage fund, it also provides important industrial access for the respective portfolio companies.

About High-Tech Gründerfonds

The seed investor High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) finances technology start-ups with growth potential. With a total volume of 892.5 million euros distributed across three funds (272 million euros in Fund I, 304 million euros in Fund II, 316.5 million euros in Fund III) and an international network of partners, the HTGF has already helped to form almost 500 start-ups into companies since 2005. The team of experienced investment managers and start-up experts accompany the development of the young companies with know-how, entrepreneurial spirit and passion. The focus is on high-tech start-ups in the software, media and Internet industries as well as hardware, automation, healthcare, chemistry and life sciences. To date, external investors have invested more than 1.5 billion euros in the HTGF portfolio in more than 1,200 follow-up financing rounds. The fund has also successfully sold shares in more than 90 companies.

About talpasolutions

talpasolutions, start-up supported by EIT RawMaterials, is an Essen-based data science company focusing on customers in the mining industry. talpasolutions has developed a software platform to connect machines, collect data, and generate actionable insights to optimize machine performance, minimize downtimes and support companies in complying with safety regulations. talpasolutions is a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University and was founded in 2016 by mining engineers and software experts. The focus is on data-driven decision support from miners for miners. talpasolutions offers innovative solutions and recommendations for operational optimization for mines and machine manufacturers.

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