Sustainability Support and Information Centre (SSIC) project team invites you to submit a request via the SSIC webtool.

EIT RawMaterials supported innovation project, SSIC, is a network of sustainability experts. It unites partners with world-class expertise in sustainability assessment, who can deal with various sustainability problems associated with raw materials, e.g. resource efficiency, substitution, product design, recycling, material chain optimization, urban mining, metallurgy, mining, policy support.

The SSIC network provides easy access to an extensive range of sustainability experts, who provide Sustainability Support in decision making towards the design of products and services for the Circular Economy.

The webtool is now fully functional and integrated within SSIC website. For more detailed information on the SSIC services and for submitting a request please visit the SSIC innovation project website.

The members of the SSIC innovation project consortium are: