An update on Resources and Energy Transition

On 7 December 2018, a joint event was held by the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Club of Rome, EIT RawMaterials and the Springtide Academy. At the Energy Barn in Groningen, the Netherlands, interesting speakers and students from all over the world shared their knowledge and ideas concerning raw materials, the energy transition and a sustainable future.

The speakers were: Harold Veldkamp (COO New Energy Coalition), Karen Hanghøj (CEO, Managing Director EIT RawMaterials), Wouter van Dieren (Springtide Forum, Member Club of Rome), Klaas Jan Noorman (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Harry Lehmann (German Environment Agency), Patrice Christmann (World Materials Forum), Sybren Bosch (Copper8), Marco Kwak (Alterro), and Henk Moll (University of Groningen). The topics discussed related to resource efficiency, materials and resources use and the circular economy. Especially thought-provoking was the debate in which students and experts exchanged views on controversial statements such as “democracy is bad for the energy transition”, giving insight from their varied experience and different points of view. Two EIT-label Master students received prizes for their contribution to the discussion. In innovative enhancements to the programme, a live cartoonist captured the discussion while the audience interacted with the speakers and one another using the live Buzzmaster interaction system.

We closed the session with a review of the cartoons, providing a different perspective on the challenges facing society, and finished the day with music, drinks, food and conversation. Thank you to Springtide Academy, the Club of Rome and the EIT-label Master students for making this event such a success.

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