Control dust more cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly

Bind-X, formerly Dust BioSolutions, is an award-winning industrial biotechnology company that shapes and accelerates the biologization of the mining industry. The company’s mission is based on increasing sustainability, profitability and innovative strength of its clients with the help of biotechnology.

In open pit mines Bind-X controls dust that causes health and safety problems for employees and neighboring communities, reduces operational productivity and increases loss of production from stockpiles. The problem is also gaining in importance as governments enforce increasingly strict regulations. Current methods of suppressing dust, such as spraying water or using salts, synthetic polymers, bitumen, etc., are costly and often harmful to the environment.

Bind-X provides the mining sector with the innovative and sustainable dust control product “Bind-DC” with the value proposition:

  • Lifecycle cost benefit (i.e. less fuel, maintenance, labour to reapply)
  • Drastically reduced environmental footprint (i.e. less water, chemicals, CO2, etc.)
  • Binding of very small particles (< 10μm, often not tackled by conventional products)
  • Versatility and robustness to changing environmental conditions
  • Customised product varieties to all different areas of operations (roads, tailings, etc.).

The multi-patented technology platform “Bind-Tech” is the company’s central product development hub. At the core of it is the development, manufacturing and marketing of biological binders. The aim is to permanently bind loose materials of various kinds through a biotechnological process. As simple as the transition from loose to solid appears: the connections obtained are reliably stable, scalable to large applications and enables additional functionalities.

Make Mining Greener

In practice, Bind-X sells a powder that contains a biological component and a nutrient component. The client then easily mixes the powder with water and then applies it using existing equipment such as spray trucks, water bowzers and sprinkler systems. A solid, natural crust is being formed (that can last up to 12 months) that represents a versatile, long-term and sustainable solution to the dust problem.

EIT RawMaterials supports Bind-X in adapting to the post-crisis economy with Booster funding as part of the EIT Crisis Response Initiative, which directly contributes to the European Union’s response to the COVID-19.

EIT RawMaterials funding has enabled us to accelerate the international expansion of our product Bind-DC into the global mining industry despite the effects from COVID-19, in order to make mining greener, cheaper and more efficient.

Martin Spitznagel, Founder & CEO of Bind-X

Bind-X turns dust into stone – and much more

Bind-X is currently performing numerous field tests around the world with great success and client feedback. They are aiming to collaborate with service providers and end users to showcase the performance of their unique binding agent to further increase the positive impact.

Besides dust control, Bind-X is also aiming to disrupt the pelletizing industry (e.g. within iron ore) and are planning their market entry in 2021.

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