eMaintenance365 provides decision support services for operation and maintenance that create benefits for the customers business processes. Through sophisticated analysis of large amounts of data, the customer can plan maintenance operations of their facility to prevent disruption.

The need

Today, the industry experiences insufficient efficiency in their decision-making process. One reason for this is the lack of integration between existing business, operation, and maintenance systems, which cause isolated data islands. Also, the amount of data collected during the operation is continuously increasing which brings an additional challenge with respect to data analysis and decision support. However, there is a need for improved automation in data analytics, including data collection, data integration, data processing, data analysis, and data visualisation. An automated advanced data analytics based on advanced computing technologies, e.g. cloud-computing and Big Data analytics, expects to improve fact-based decision-making in the industry.

The solution

Big Data Analytics

Value proposition

The digitalisation of the industry requires advanced and sophisticated analysis. We have developed a big data analytics solution E365 Analytics®. eMaintenance365:

  • Provide decision support based on advanced analysis of complex data series and measurements
  • Make diagnostics, prognostics and prescription
  • Do not generate new data – we use existing data
  • Are independent of sensor sources and data protocol

As a customer you can expect the following results:

  • Increased reliability and availability
  • Reduced capital expenditures (CAPEX)
  • Decreased maintenance costs (OPEX)