The main objective of the project is the manufacturing process of new gold-tungsten alloys called SpinD Gold by Physical Vapor Deposition, both for coating and sintering. This technology avoids the use of Palladium, a rare metal, and Rhodium compared to conventional production of white-gold used for jewelry market.

The need

In jewelry manufacturing, to obtain a white gold alloy, gold is mixed with palladium or with nickel.
Nickel poses much important allergy problem to humans so, in 1994, the European Union adopted a directive to limit its use in jewelry. For both elements, the resulting color is mat so the jewel needs to be plating by a thin rhodium layer to become brilliant. This thin rhodium layer removes itself with time (one year) so the jewel needs to be plated again.
It’s a historic challenge for jewelry to fabricate a gold alloy whom the color avoids the rhodium plating. SpinD Gold does it!

The solution

New gold-tungsten alloys

Value proposition

Boosting the market introduction of the new alloy “Spin D Gold” will lead to reduced material consumption of rhodium and palladium, critical and expensive raw materials.
The outstanding properties of this new material will also lead to improved production processes as well as ecological benefits. EIT RawMaterials supports Daumet in upscaling their technology and initiating partnerships with alloy producers inside the consortium.