Combolt offers smart and innovative solutions, flexible, reusable quick locks, reduced assembly times (up to 99% time savings), security for installed products, an ergonomic solution using reduced work equipment in poor posture and a intuitive solution that does not require any changes in your installation.

The need

In the industry there’s almost all the time any type of fastening device in products or manufacturing metods. The problem with today’s fastenings devices is its tendency to detach itself when influenced by vibrations or other fixed forces. This can in its turn lead to expensive and life threating accidents in the mining as an example rock bolts Today the problem haven’t been solved insteed they do expensive controls or use unnecessary expensive and permanent locking solutions. Another problem with today’s fasteners is the time spent installing. In today’s industrial processes are constantly looking for improvements and efficiency , each step takes time means money , which in turn is a direct impact on their profitability.

The process of a product’s design today is more challenging than ever for a manufacturing company. Where the customer’s demands focus on both features, design, and that the company will be manufactured , marketed and sold at a profit.

Because of the extent of these costly problems in both time and money and the need for implementable solutions we find that there is a great potential to bring this technology to the market. Today we have stakeholders from the mining industry, from rock bolt (DSI,NMP,Pretec) business to installing communication/WiFi systems (Mobilaris) in the mountains and tunnels. Prototypes are now being developed directly against them (DSI Underground, Pretec, Mobilaris, Atlas Copco, Sandvik), and brought discussions daily.

These applications are great axamples and in the rawmaterial sector we can see that our invention have an impact on for example time saving and create a high value for the industry parnters.

The solution

Innovative and risk reducing solutions in bolts and replacement nuts

Value proposition

In order to gain leverage of the investments made in Combolt we have started an Eurostar application and a IPIF application. The plan is to scale up the budget so we can process all steps to market as quick and effective as possible against the mining industry. With an investment from EIT RawMaterials, we can add funding to the existing budget, to scale through the Eurostar application (if it is granted). We can also reach the mining industry at a quicker phase and also verify and develop our product to the specific needs of the mining industry, EIT RawMaterials helps us with the contacts needed in this industry. We have identified the mining industry as our initial market and we need to create a demand for our product, to reduce any potential question marks the industry might have surrounding our products, and showcase the benefits. We believe that this can best be achieved through co-creation with a partner within the mining industry.