Biokemik initiative will convert renewable resources into competitive Butadiene monomer and high-value intermediates. It will offer “Environmentally Friendly Chemicals” (1,3 Butadiene, Acetoine, 2,3 Butanediol, Methyl-Ethyl Ketone) from non-alimentary renewable resources (biomass), for Rubber, Elastomers, Plastics and Fine Chemicals, with low Carbon Footprint, in multiple applications. The main differential feature is that the Chemicals are obtained from cheap and abundant renewable sources, as compared to the fossil origin from 100% of the world’s synthetic monomer. The proprietary microorganisms involved are key aspects from the technological and economical perspectives.

The need

Chemicals from renewable resources is a global market trend. Butadiene industry is witnessing high growth due to rising end-use applications and global demand, especially in Asia-Pacific Region. A major issue is a shift in feedstock of cracking units: The feedstock to produce Ethylene and Propylene has changed from Naphtha to lighter feedstock (i.e. Ethane), and Butadiene production has significantly dropped. This has caused a gap in Butadiene’s demand and supply, prices have exhibited high volatility reaching to values >4$/Kg. Currently, prices have dropped but are projected to increase. Biokemik’s renewable Butadiene is a response to a future shortage of Butadiene, generating high value added intermediates.

The main markets and applications that will benefit from Biokemik’s Butadiene offerings are:

  • RUBBERS: Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) emulsion/solution, Poly-Butadiene (PBd) emulsion/solution, Nitrile(NBR), Nitrile látex, Pyridine vinyl SB rubber. Main applications: Tires, Vulcanized Compounds, Asphalts.
  • ELASTOMERS: Styrenic Block copolymers as SBS, SEBS, SIBS, Ethylidene norbornene. Main applications: Adhesives & Sealants, Asphalt Modification, Technical Compounds, Automotive, Medical, Coatings, Lubricants.
  • PLASTICS: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), Methylmethacrylate-Butadiene-Styrene (MBS), Nylon (ADN/HMDA/Caprolactam). Main applications: Automotive, Appliances, Polymer modifiers.
  • CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES: Telomers, Sulfolane, Tetrahydrofuran, Laurylactam, Cyclo-octadiene

The solution

Production of “Environmentally Friendly Chemicals” from biomass, including 1,3 Butadiene for rubber production.

Value proposition

Sustainability is a huge technological challenge but also the single largest business opportunity of this generation. Biokemik initiative will promote the “Bioeconomy” and have a relevant impact on the EIT RawMaterials network by developing technologies to manufacture environmentally friendly chemicals, from biomass, reducing dependency on Petrochemicals, achieving value creation and top line growth. Industry partners of EIT RawMaterials could be involved in developing and taking over the solution at the industrial level.