Appsen aims to develop and manufacture two types of sulfide & metal ion sensors:

  • laboratory sensors: specialized spectrophotometric sensors to detect sulfur ions (such as sulfide and thiosulfate) and metal ions in liquid samples
  • industrial sensors: inline, real-time and remotely operated sensors to measure and monitor the content of sulfur and metal ions in liquid- /wastewater processes

Both product groups are based on the same technology, production techniques and automation software.

The need

In the predominant market sectors are companies that recover precious metals from industrial wastewaters, such as metallurgical wastewater and the surface metal treatment plants. The second market is plants that recover sulfur from sour gas streams using both biological and chemical methods. These market sectors can be dived in the following segments: metal recovery, sulfur recovery, mining and metal recycling and a secondary group of customers like universities and research organizations focused on the development of new technologies for the market sectors mentioned and related to them.

Currently available sensors in these market sectors (amperometric sensors and selective ion electrodes) suffer from many disadvantages, like sensitivity for acidity, impurities, temperature and durability issues, resulting in difficulties to produce precise and real-time measurements and rapid deterioration of sensor equipment. Also, the number of competing technologies in this market segment is very limited and there are no sensors available for detection of most of the sulfur ions (except sulfide) and certain metal ions. Appsen has overcome these problems and has extended the range of sulfur & metal ions that can be detected in one sensor system, as well as the durability of the sensor.

The solution

Advanced sensor technology for real-time detection and precise measuring of sulfur and metal ions in fluids

Value proposition

Appsen is a spin-off of the EIT RawMaterials partner, Wetsus and works within the incubated lab-setting of Wetsus in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Appsen contributes to one of the thematic focuses of EIT RawMaterials, increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes, and enables EIT RawMaterials partners coming from University and Research and Technology Organisations focused on the development of new technologies for the market sectors mentioned and related to them – to build upon the technology as developed by Appsen.