The e-learning programme you’ve been waiting for!

The RMTechFlow lifelong education programme trains academics and tech transfer professionals in better scouting, analysing and boosting promising technologies towards market exploitation.

The programme aims at training researchers-technologists from academia and professionals from Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs) in European countries where the tech transfer process delivers low innovation impact (e.g. # patents) and the exploitation of public research is lower than expected.

RMTechFlow offers top-level professional learning experiences designed on two main online modules, each addressing its specific target group (researchers and TTOs). The modules are kept separated to maximize the learning experience while allowing interaction between the two groups of participants. The workshop content was made available as a high-quality e-Learning course suite featuring video recordings of the lessons and edited slides, complemented with short exercises and quizzes. Besides that, RMTechFlow also designed and activated a pilot one-to one coaching programme for academics willing to accelerate technology towards the market. 

For further information and to attend the online courses, please send a message to this e-mail address: