Public consultation is open to gather the views of citizens and stakeholders on the future of digital education

Europe’s digital transformation continues to accelerate through the development of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing. It is essential to adequately prepare citizens for an increasingly interconnected, globalised future by investing in the skills and competencies required to thrive and positively engage in society in the digital age.

Learning from the COVID-19 crisis: teaching, learning and technology in a changing world

The Digital Education Action Plan presents measures to help the Member States and education and training institutions to reap the opportunities and meet the challenges presented by the digital age.

The new Digital Education Action Plan will address the lessons learned from the crisis, while also pursuing the Commission’s long-term vision for education in the digital age. The Action Plan will be instrumental in the COVID-19 recovery period and a key element of the Next Generation EU strategy.

The public consultation seeks to gather the views and experiences of all citizens, institutions and organisations from the public and private sectors on the unprecedented coronavirus crisis, the related switch to distance and online learning, and their vision for the future of digital education in Europe.

The public consultation will be open until 4 September 2020.

With the consultation, we would like to learn more about the implications of COVID-19 for education and training, the expectations until the end of the crisis and for the recovery period, and also the future of digital education in Europe. The questionnaire targets respondents in individual and organisational capacity from diverse backgrounds – learners, educators, parents, education and training institutions, research centres, the public and private sector

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