Project duration: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018


ResiduFlex unites partners with strong expertise and infrastructure in metallurgical residue valorisation/mineral matrix conversion, i.e. the major volumetric fraction to (construction) materials by making a broad variety related technologies more easily accessible throughout Europe, and by offering a more diverse range of solutions compared to what partners may achieve separately (e.g. substitution of cement with by-products, carbonated products, inorganic (alkali activated) polymers, upgraded soil…). The ResiduFlex Network has the overall aim to increase the number of residues that can be treated by proving the feasibility on the lab scale as well as to detecting opportunities for upscaling, and to enhance the recovered/generated value.

The solution (technology)

The ResiduFlex Network is part of a more holistic ZeroWaste umbrella network targeting the extraction of valuables from low grade, complex wastes and ores, while upcycling the residues to added value products. ResiduFlex aims to reach its objectives by building a network of expertise and infrastructure in residue treatment-valorisation. For this reason, a system to simplify cooperation within the network, and provide services to outside customers will be developed and installed. This service will be offered in the first instance in the partner countries and involved CLCs, targeting both the owners/producers of residues, as well as the producers of solution materials (e.g. construction industry). The identification of the legislative barriers for residue valorisation within the Network and EIT RawMaterials partners’ countries and the mapping of the residue streams and stocks at partners’ level will be investigated. To strengthen and expand the network, the detection of common project opportunities for KCA and KAVA will be pursued.


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