Project duration: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018


In many cases the absence of dedicated testing and simulation facilities to characterize the behaviour of materials and components under extreme or harsh real-life conditions, is a roadblock towards material driven innovations in asset-intensive sectors such as e.g. off-shore, dredging, deep-sea mining, renewables, power generation, oil&gas, … which leads to enhanced depletion of scarce materials and prevents a shift towards a more sustainable future.  The focus of the MaDurOS program is primarily on steel structures and more specifically on their behavior under combined durability conditions: the combination of corrosion and abrasion, the combination of corrosion and fatigue as well as the combination of all three. Within the scope of the EIT RawMaterials the MaDurOS project provides a one-stop-shop access to such unique equipment while also further enriching the existing set-ups by identifying testing blind spots and linking them to predictive simulation models as well as complementary competences.

The solution (technology)

  • Bring a unique and complete testing/simulation offer towards asset-intensive industries which will trigger application driven collaborative R&D projects aimed at reducing design conservatism in using and exploiting raw materials.
  • Through establishing a single-point-of-contact and compensation for discounted access price to facilitate the uptake, acceptance and access to the infrastructure.