Project duration: 1 January 2018 – 31 March 2020


The main concerns on vehicular traffic pollution are most of the times associated to emissions of exhaust gases from internal combustion engines. The Project is addressing another important issue concerning vehicle emission, that is the wearing out of disc brake materials. Indeed, brakes, tires, asphalt are all important sources of a large fraction of the total emission of particulate matter from road traffic, although usually they are not regarded as such by the public opinion.

This aspect should attract more attention instead, since all the mentioned emission sources will be there and gain increasing relevance with the widespread diffusion of hybrid and fully electrical engines, and corresponding further reduction or elimination of engine exhaust emissions.

The solution (technology)

ECOPADS intends to develop new brake pads for road vehicles featuring copper-free friction material, in order to eliminate the main source of copper released in urban areas. This will beneficially influence human health and environmental conditions. The novel brake pads will be certified as concerns not only the brake performances but also the particulate matter emission and a complete recycling route.


  • Universit√† degli Studi di Trento, Italy(Lead partner)
  • Brembo S.p.A, Italy
  • Hub Innovazione Trentino S.c.a.r.l. (HIT), Italy
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden