Project duration: 2 January 2017 – 31 March 2021


Instead of contributing to one of the currently existing three lighthouse programs, this project rather adds new major strategic aspects possibly representing a new, not yet established lighthouse program.

These are as follows:

Industrial competitiveness: A main objective of this unified certification program is that European producers and processors of mineral resources as well as end-product manufacturers will undergo the newly developed certification procedures. This is expected to have a long-term positive impact on the international competitiveness of non-European and non-certified producers. Mainly, European producers of mineral resources will benefit from this certification. Also, this certification program will have an impact on non-European deposits located e.g. in Africa and/or South America operated by European producers, such as Rio Tinto and Nyrstar. The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is limited exclusively to the financial sector of the minerals industry focusing on aspects such as bribery, corruption and tax evasion. Within the solution socioeconomic and environmental aspects, as well as aspects concerning occupational health and safety will be considered, evaluated and improved. The certification scheme to be developed mainly takes into consideration aspects concerning the environment as well as social sustainability. The proposed solution contributes highly to the transparency of market mechanisms and additionally to the reduction of lack of developed institutions. Additionally, the solution offers high potential for new master programs and PhD theses entailing excellently qualified academic offspring.  New skills and IP are expected to be developed/created through the development of a certification framework/scheme by a multinational cooperation of consortium partners. An objective of the proposed solution is to develop an open and transparent system, from which all participants within the KIC can benefit. Moreover, European companies along the value chain of the raw material industry can also profit from the developed EU-label on mineral resources.

The solution (technology)

The development of this unified certification program enables (i) an increased cooperation between partners of the consortium and (ii) new partnerships and cooperation with entities participating in the value chain from production of mineral resources to end consumer. Added value accruing to potential users, companies, or society at large:

Ethical and moral aspects are of major importance and are therefore particularly promoted through the proposed certification system, resulting in possible benefits for the society at large.

Potential growth: The proposed solution offers high potential for start-ups as well as growth of SMEs through the execution of services in auditing and certification processes.


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