Circular economy demands new approaches along the value chain and in business models of production. SMEs often have not the capacity to keep track with developments and align their strategies for the future. BizMet bridges the gap between SMEs and universities. Our goal is that 40 SMEs will benefit from BizMet by using new competences to innovate and shape new circular economy business models.

The solution (technology)

Reducing primary resources and increasing waste hills started making a difference to the standpoint of humanity and created a new trend known as Sustainable Future. Transformation towards sustainability is a significant issue that should be addressed not only by governments, but also companies as well as profit and non-profit organizations. Creating a sustainable future model is the common denominator of humanity.

BizMet project initiates a platform to bring together all regional actors within European countries to accelerate the transformation into a circular economy for a sustainable future. It provides an interactive education, networking and knowledge sharing opportunities in the field of metal recycling especially for SMEs, industrial experts, professionals, researchers/scientists, and graduate students. The innovative educational approach of BizMet integrates lifelong education and PhD education to train SMEs to create sustainable business models, to develop environmental processes and to release competitive products and services. The project establishes an ecosystem to promote the metal, mining and recycling industrials into a circular economy by improving the cooperation between SMEs and universities and the understanding of sectoral needs, and introducing cutting edge technologies.


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