Project duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2021


The AMIR-RIS project consists of the consolidation and improvement of the AMIR pilot, which attracted 14 students in its first year, and an extension to partners in Hungary and Portugal who belong to the ESEE/RIS regions. AMIR-RIS involves 6 universities, 5 RTOs and 3 companies including Veolia, who provided advice to the programme design. We claim funding dedicated to 2 new cohortes of respectively 32 students.

The consolidated AMIR Master involving 6 European universities, together with 5 RTOs and three representative industrial partners, educates T-shaped professionals for the raw materials recycling industry. They will have extensive knowledge of materials sciences specialized in recycling, and a good understanding of the related processes along the value chain, as well as the concepts and tools for achieving innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

The solution (technology)

The programme provides a strong link to key industries and RTOs that offer high-quality internship programmes of a great benefit for each student for tracking the perfect job. By extending the programme to the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the University of Miskolc, Hungary, the Master covers now a wide range of EU countries, including in Eastern and Southern Europe that are part of the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).


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