Matchmaking and networking activities are key to building the EIT RawMaterials community as they connect people and stimulate the generation and exchange of knowledge between people from all fields of expertise and from all corners of the Knowledge Triangle, thereby contributing to de-siloing the raw materials value chain.

Multiple matchmaking and networking events will be organised annually at CLC or cross-CLC level reflecting the needs and interests of the partner organisations. Such events address theme-based or challenge-based topics and may be performed at a partner’s location, at the CLC venue or at another location convenient for the participants.

The CLC Managers, Business Developers and Education Officers play a key role in facilitating dynamic relations between the KIC partners and the surrounding ecosystem. Exchange of best practices on such facilitation will be stimulated between the CLCs in order to promote efficiency and quality in processing ideas and matchmaking before, during and after the events.

Large matchmaking & networking events will also be organised periodically at the KIC level to reinforce the sense of belonging to the KIC community as a whole. In 2016, a total of more than 50 successful matches should be accomplished, more than 60 idea holders shall present and pitch their ideas at our Idea Camps and at least six events shall be held with industry partners to facilitate intrapreneurship and challenge potential spin-off ideas.