Bit by Bit to a More Sustainable Raw Materials Sector

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Data Integration in the Raw Materials Sector

Exploration, mining and mineral processing involves the collection and analysis of vast quantities of data from various scales of observation and over variable timeframes. As the digitalisation of the sector is progressing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and data integration solutions are increasingly being used to collect, analyse and manage data and to visualise content in real time in variable contexts. AI, ML, DL, AR, VR and data integration are thus the topics of the first Expert Forum of the Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse.

The Expert Forum on Digitalisation in the Raw Materials Sector, co-organised with our partner Montanuniversität Leoben, is aimed at raw materials industry stakeholders and experts actively researching, developing and employing digital solutions in exploration, mining and mineral processing (aligning with the strategic outlook of the Lighthouse Sustainable Discovery and Supply) – from universities, research & technology organisations, major companies, SMEs and start-ups. The Expert Forum will be an excellent opportunity to meet key stakeholders to discuss common development successes and challenges as well as to learn from each other’s successes and failures to devise new smart solutions.

The event will connect experts to:

  • discuss overall trends
  • identify industry needs and innovative solutions
  • network for a project and strategic alliances
  • meet with digital natives – the next generation of raw materials professionals
  • provide information on funding opportunities

Optionally, on 22 January, participants can take part in technical site visits to:

  • AT+S Austria: Producer of printed circuit boards
  • VA Erzberg GmbH: Processing plant of iron ore mine or truck monitoring and control system

Nominate students or graduates at Master’s or PhD level for outstanding thesis work!

EIT RawMaterials Academy announces the 2020 Thesis Awards in fields connected to the EIT RawMaterials Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse. The prizes will be awarded to the students who are judged to have completed the best thesis dissertations relating to the digitalisation of the exploration, mining and mineral processing sectors – particularly concerning the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, augmented/virtual reality and data integration solutions.

The Thesis Awards will be held at the Expert Forum on Digitalisation in the raw materials sector in Leoben. Award winners will have the opportunity to pitch their theses at this event, with their attendance including travel and accommodation funded by EIT RawMaterials.

In addition to the honour and attention, the award winners will receive a certificate and a cash prize of €750. One winner will also receive an additional reward of €250 for the best thesis presentation at the event. A science communication expert will coach winners about how to present their work on Sunday, 19 January in Vienna.

Academic staff can nominate individuals/student groups who have undertaken their MSc or PhD thesis work at EIT RawMaterials partner organisations. The deadline for submitting nominations to the online form is Friday, 29 November 2019.

The Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse will promote the benefits of a strong minerals and materials sector in modern society and the transition towards the green and circular economy. The Lighthouse aims to find innovative solutions for securing and processing strategic mineral resources in a sustainable and safe way and with a Social License to Operate (SLO).

This Lighthouse will foster activities that drive knowledge transfer, collaboration and responsible investments through industry engagement, as well as contribute to an improved decision making based on knowledge, data and advanced technologies. This will reduce import dependency and also significantly contribute to economic growth, specifically in regions where new exploration projects, mining operations and processing facilities can be developed or expanded.

The Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse will promote social engagement through education, networking and liaising with all involved stakeholders and the wider public will play a pivotal role in raising awareness and increasing acceptance of a renewed raw materials sector in Europe.

Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse goals are:

  • unlocking the potential for a renewed raw materials sector in Europe as a driver for domestic raw material value chains
  • building on Europe’s existing strengths in industry, research, innovation and infrastructure within and outside EIT RawMaterials diverse portfolio
  • further establishing trust, credibility and recognition through competency, positive engagement and by creating value for all stakeholders
  • providing clear advice for decision-makers and fostering innovation by creating, transferring and applying knowledge and driving the application of research outcomes through to stakeholder engagement
  • boosting responsible investments in the raw materials sector and invigorating the European start-up and junior company environment by fostering entrepreneurial talent
  • taking responsibility to reduce the footprint of the raw materials sector (waste-water-energy-emissions)

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