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On 12-14 June, EIT RawMaterials is attending the Euro Mine Expo 2018 in Skellefteå, Sweden.

The Innovation Community on Raw Materials will be represented by the EIT RawMaterials partnership, including Boliden, Epiroc, Outotec, GTK, Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), RISE, LKAB, LTU, as well as supported start-ups, Danalto, Cassantec, Eurotab, Extracthive, Hovering Solutions, Radai, Inkonova, Retenua, SpacEarth Technology, Talpasolutions, ThingWave, ReVibe Energy.

EIT RawMaterials sessions

On Wednesday, 13 June, EIT RawMaterials will host a Conference Session on Battery Metals at 13:00-15:00. The session will be held in the main Conference hall.

Invited speakers:
Martin Philips, Chief Operating Officer, Talga Resources
Damian Hicks, Excecutive Director, Critical Metals
Matti Hietanen, CEO, Terrafame
Blair Way, CEO, Leading Edge

During the Innovation Forum, EIT RawMaterials will run a Pitch Session at 15:00-17:00 followed up by after work mingling at booth #271.

Visit us at the booths

Visit the EIT RawMaterials booth at the Zinc Hall #173 and visit our sponsored Start-up booth in the Copper Hall #271 where 12 start-ups, supported by EIT RawMaterials, will be represented.

Some of the start-ups from the EIT RawMaterials Community will be:


Danalto uses Low Power Wide Area networks to communicate with sensors and things across a Mine. These networks enable, for example, GPS-less tracking (low power and low cost), wider coverage capability (1 Gateway – 15km range) and low cost connectivity (1% cost of full mobile site). Danalto’s new networking technologies are disruptive compared to the traditional broadband and cellular networks provided by large operators.


Cassantec prognosticates future malfunctions. Its advanced prognostic capabilities are based on stochastic process modeling and analysis provided through Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. The Cassantec Prognostic Report enables asset operators to understand when in the future a malfunction is likely to occur.


Eurotab binder-free compaction transforms powdered materials into tablets, without binders or curing time. Tablets can be directly reintroduced into a furnace as secondary raw materials or transformed into valuable products. The throughput of the equipment enables metallurgy industries to recycle their by-products and producers of industrial mineral and ores to sell their fines. This innovation will foster the sustainable economy and boost competitiveness by reducing costs.


Extracthives skill set is there to meet the specific needs of the various stakeholders throughout the supply chain of non-ferrous metal production, from primary and secondary producers to processors and right through to the end users, and finally to the environmental services companies which are responsible for the remediation of legacy sites.

Hovering Solutions

Hovering Solutions works on designing and manufacturing autonomous flying robots (aerial drones) for indoor/underground scenarios based on the development and implementation of novel software, technology and AD-HOC detailed electronics at component level.


Inkonova develops innovative drones with tilt-rotor technology, which brings superior performance including body angle control, orientation, acceleration and stability. The innovative drones enable various mining application such as scanning, mapping, navigation and positioning technology.

SpacEarth Technology

SpacEarth Technology is entering the mining monitoring market with innovative products having the potential to provide cost-effective solutions. Ground deformations represent one of the main hazards in mining areas and they are related to the presence of natural and anthropogenic cavities.


Radai Ltd provides high quality geophysical surveys using drones. We can tailor produce high-end custom made UAV’s (fixed-wing and multicopters) and tailor made geophysical survey systems for specific customers’ needs. Measured data will be analyzed and processed by in-house processing tools. Radai is committed to employees wellness and operational safety issues.


Talpasolutions provides condition monitoring and underground orientation based on sensor data of machines. Instead of losing time by collecting and verifying dispersed information and suffering from costly technical downtimes, talpasolutions’ platform service – asset analytics – offers communication, analysis, and collaboration for fast and actionable insights.


Retenua is an R&D start-up in the field of advanced sensor technology for industrial vehicles and mobile machinery. With the camera system RefleX, Retenua offers a novel and patented solution for increasing occupational safety – helping logistics, construction and mining companies to avoid tragic and costly accidents.


ThingWave provides solutions for real-time and online rock bolt monitoring. Important parameters such as load and seismicity can be sensed, and any deviation from normal behaviour is immediately detected and alarms are transmitted wirelessly.

ReVibe Energy

ReVibe Energy’s technologies provides autonomous power supplies that efficiently generate electricity from vibrations – providing customers with a mobile, sustainable and cost-efficient power source to power wireless industrial sensors and sensor networks.

Euro Mine Expo 2018

Euro Mine Expo is an international trade fair and conference for the mining industry and associated industries. Here, you will have an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts, and the chance to participate in the latest developments in the areas of technology, products and services. This event is also the perfect place to exhibit your products and services, build networks, and participate in interesting seminars. Some of the most prestigious companies in the sector will be represented, and you have the chance to meet worldwide equipment suppliers, consulting and service companies, research scientists, investors, government authorities, and industry players.

More information is available here.