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EIT RawMaterials along with NTUA are taking the initiative to begin a series of events for the Greek Raw Material Community. The scope of these events is to foster, facilitate and enhance the Greek Raw Materials Community with strategic actions through the support of the EIT RawMaterials community and NTUA. In this framework, the “EIT RawMaterials: 1st Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue” will bring together the industry (large and SME), the governance (national and regional) and academia of Greece along with executive European organizations of the Raw Materials sector as members of the EIT RawMaterials to discuss the challenges the Greek Raw Materials Sector is facing and create a roadmap with efficient tools and actions to address and resolve them.

The objectives of the “EIT RawMaterials: 1st Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue” are based on three pillars:

  • EIT RawMaterials as a facilitator of the Greek Raw Materials Sector. Present and analyse to the Greek audience the structure, function and benefits of the EIT Raw Materials for the Greek raw materials sector companies and investors. This high-level European Commission body is a valuable assistant to any operator for finding the appropriate partners and resolve issues, benefiting from accumulated European experience.
  • National and regional policy on minerals. Stimulate the announced National Mineral Policy, aiming to its transformation into a real practice which will boost the raw material sector development in Greece. Witnessed issues on implementation so far, co-existence and co- ordination with other National Policies, proposed solutions for improvement. Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) on regional level, what needs to be done to include mining and metallurgy to the Specialisation strategies of the Regions.
  • Business opportunities in the Greek raw materials sector. EIT RawMaterials and NTUA can serve as an intermediate facilitator to provide solutions and services (in R&D&I, proposal making, policy making, export of services, capability building etc.) to the Greek raw materials sector (industry, academia, governance). The creation of the EIT RawMaterials: Support Centre for the Greek Raw Materials Community (GRAMASC) comprised by experienced experts of wide acceptance by the International and Greek raw materials community, could form a vehicle for connecting all relevant stakeholders. Raw Materials industry challenges and issues will be addressed by GRAMASC, contributing decisively to the promotion and growth of the sector.

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