Wider Society Learning projects at EIT RawMaterials raise society’s awareness of the use of and need for raw materials. Projects at EIT RawMaterials inform, educate and reach out to school children, the general public, NGOs and decision-makers across Europe.

Working to incite enthusiasm and passion for raw materials-related topics, projects also aim to break down stereotypes and misinformation surrounding the raw materials industry.Wider Society Learning calls for innovative ways of demonstrating the advancements, needs and opportunities in the raw materials sector in ways that encourage awareness and interest within multiple target groups. By demonstrating the attractiveness of our sector, we can educate the game-changers of the future, contributing to our aim of securing a constant supply of well-qualified professionals to meet the sector’s needs.


The Raw Matters Ambassadors at Schools(RM@Schools) consortium is developing strategic dissemination capacity and methodology to improve the image of science & technology in schools for students aged 10 to 19 years, explaining the value of raw materials while promoting new professional careers in this sector. The best practice examples will be used for two educational approaches, one targeting school students aged 10 to 13 years, the other one for 14 to 19 year old students. Active learning is proposed to schools by involving students in experiments with raw materials-related hands-on educational toolkits. 14 to 19-year-old students will be also involved in science dissemination by using both their native language and English, to become RM Ambassadors themselves, utilising peer to peer education. Check out the website of the Wider Society Learning project RM@Schools and see some of the projects that the young Raw Materials Ambassadors have been working on.

Young Innovators

Starting in Bulgaria and Romania in the academic year 2018-2019, EIT RawMaterials has partnered with JA Europe for the Young Innovators programme, which empowers young people aged 15-18 with entrepreneurship and STEM skills and an understanding of the opportunities of the raw materials sector through a blend of activities. Together, we impacted more than 1300 students and over 60 business volunteers. Read more.

We continue the successful partnership with JA Europe to bring innovation and creativity into universities and schools in Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary and Slovenia in the academic year 2019-2020. Young people will be mentored by professional business volunteers in innovation camps and in the classroom and will be empowered to come up with solutions to the challenges of the raw materials industry in Europe, developing the skills to turn innovative ideas into real opportunities in this sector. Read more.

Skills for the Future

Skills for the Future is a groundbreaking secondary education programme, fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs in Europe by empowering them with the insights, skills and confidence to innovate solutions to the numerous and complex challenges ahead. Skills for the Future is a cross-KIC initiative of EIT RawMaterials, EIT Food and EIT Climate-KIC. The project is executed in partnership with Junior Achievement Europe, a leader in entrepreneurial education that connects students across the continent with industry mentors. Bringing together a unique combination of academic expertise, hands-on problem solving and mentorship from industry leaders, Skills for the Future offers students and their teachers a new mode of learning that centers students as the source of ingenuity and vision.


MineFacts is an EIT product which gives easy to understand, fact-based and unbiased information about mining, exploration and sustainability. The material is based on the most asked questions by local stakeholders in areas of active exploration and mining activities. By providing answers that are well communicated, we prevent misinformation and promote better dialogue on the subject while mitigating social unrest and conflict. Public awareness and wider society learning are key pillars to securing a sustainable raw materials supply in the EU, for instance by increasing understanding for the sector and decreasing social opposition which have large impact on the investment willingness of companies. MineFacts is founded on reputable sources and facts, and can be used by anyone who is interested to know more about the mining industry. The material is available as a book, PDF and their website.


Games are powerful tools for us to learn new things. They are interactive and entertaining, which increases learning potential greatly! BetterGeoEdu is an EIT funded project which utilizes one of the most popular video games in history, Minecraft, to disseminate knowledge about raw materials in primary schools. The project is focused around the Minecraft modification BetterGeo, which introduces realistic geology and raw material management to the game. By using game elements, both online and offline, BetterGeoEdu provides tools for primary school teachers to use in their education. The educational material includes exercises with complete step-by-step instructions, teacher tips and extra material. Through the BetterGeoEdu project, teachers can attend train-the-trainer sessions to learn more.

Do you want to teach about raw materials, circular economy and sustainability with Minecraft? Or perhaps you want to learn yourself or together with your kids? Check out the resources available at their website. All materials are free and open access, no need for registrations.