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The RACE PRO is a course for experienced by R&D professionals which will deepen your expertise in Innovation Management processes.

During the course, participants will hear from R&D professionals about how they are working with innovations and running innovation management processes – and reflect on how they can improve their own innovation management skills.

The course involves a series of three study visits to host industry partners at different stages of the raw materials value chain. Each study visit will be 2 days long.  The study visits will be spread over 6 months, to fit in with your professional commitments.

A common theme of all three study visits is the transition to electric mobility. This transition will affect the raw materials sector in different ways – and so the host companies have been selected to  illustration alternative innovation strategies and their supporting Innovation Management processes.

Participants in the RACE PRO will gain the unique benefit of seeing ongoing innovation management cases  before they are written in the text books.

Who should apply?

This course is targeted at experienced people, who are working in EIT RawMaterials industry partners or supported startups, with research roles such as team leader, expert advisor, process responsible or project coordinator.

Which industrial partners are involved and when do the visits take place?

Watch this space! Details of the RACE PRO industrial partners and course dates will be published on this page soon. Follow EIT RawMaterials Academy on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date!

How do I apply?

Applications will open in September 2019. Please check back here to apply!