EIT RawMaterials Alumni Association

Connect with the EIT RawMaterials Alumni

Connect with the EIT RawMaterials Alumni

Summer 2018 marked the founding of the EIT RawMaterials Alumni Association. The Association ensures that participants in EIT RawMaterials activities can continue to benefit from the community’s network after their involvement. It aims to conduct activities that meet the professional development needs of its members, while providing a platform for members to stay in contact with each other.

The Alumni Association provides a forum for networking between participants in the many and varied EIT RawMaterials activities, such as business idea competitions, start-ups, short courses and Master’s and PhD programmes. It is run by and for its members, who can benefit from events, career development and educational activities and much more, forming a hub for a diverse range of raw materials students, academics and professionals.

As the Association develops, it will become a community offering not only a wealth of networking, collaboration and mentoring opportunities between individuals and organizations within EIT RawMaterials, but also a connection to the larger EIT alumni community and alumni events around Europe.

Membership is free. Please register for the Alumni Association via our online form. You can also contact the Alumni Association at alumni@eitrawmaterials.eu.

So that we can stay in touch, we hope that you’ll also join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. See you there!

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EIT RawMaterials Alumni Association Inaugural Meeting

On 15-16 June 2018, the EIT RawMaterials Alumni Association kicked off its inaugural meeting in Berlin. A diverse group of 25 participants from 17 countries participated in the event, all of whom had taken part in educational programmes, start-ups and business competitions supported by EIT RawMaterials. The enthusiastic group of students, entrepreneurs and other members of the raw materials community, who had travelled from around Europe for the event, took part in two evenings of social interaction and a full day of workshops, discussions and networking at a coworking space in Berlin. Read more…