Improve your university-business cooperation practice resulting in increased ecosystem integration, better technology, knowledge transfer and business creation!

Are you representing a University located in the Baltic and/or East & South-East Europe connected to the raw material sector through either education or research? Apply now for the EIT RawMaterials University-Business Cooperation Capacity Building Program! Get engaged with Europe’s largest thematic innovation network in the field of raw materials, learn how to assess your current state of university-business cooperation and work with the community to improve it and upgrade it further.

EIT RawMaterials thematic focus is – Primary production of raw materials (including exploration, mining  and resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes)  and Secondary production of raw materials (including recycling, substitution of critical and toxic materials and design for the circular economy)

You will learn about the eight aspects of university-business cooperation and how to use HEInnovate tool to assess your overall UBC practice at different levels through education, research, valorisation and governance. Based on what you will learn you will be able to conduct your self-assessment regarding the related aspects relevant to you. Share your experience and outcome of your self-assessment, introduce identified good practices to other participants and develop an action plan to improve your current practice for better impact on your local raw materials related ecosystem.

The applications will be evaluated based on the demonstrated connection to the raw materials sector of the university either through education or research holding the potential of increasing capacity for university-business cooperation become successfully integrated into a local ecosystem within a mid-term timeframe. Universities which are not yet partners of EIT RawMaterials (on or before 1 April 2020) will be treated as prefered applicants.

Eligible applications

The participation is open to all universities from the Eastern and South-Eastern European (ESEE) region (countries included are Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia and Poland) and the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) with proven connection to the raw materials sector, such connection will have to be described and demonstrated in the application.

Financial support

Universities will get financial support for the purpose of covering the travel and accommodation costs of their delegates to attend the program, while the university can earn the right for additional financial support to improve their UBC practice. For more details regarding the program, please refer to the specific Terms and Conditions.

Apply by 15 March 2020!