Amid the pandemic restrictions of 2020, EIT RawMaterials Alumni provided a range of online training activities to support our members. From supporting jobseekers to dealing with stress or even learning to code, our members benefited from a range of opportunities. EIT RawMaterials Alumni members are encouraged to submit suggestions for future training courses by contacting or by reaching out to a member of the Alumni Board via our online platform.


Stronger Stories

Telling stories is one of the most powerful means to influence, teach, and inspire. What makes storytelling so effective?

EIT RawMaterials Alumni hosted the session “Stronger Stories” during the Raw Materials Summit 2020, which took us through an exciting journey to find, elevate and celebrate our best stories using the Stronger Story Canvas. The Stronger Story Canvas, which is adapted from the Business Model Canvas, helps a storyteller to establish the foundation of their story in a straightforward, structured way.

Together with the participants, we created a stronger story for Gender Equality, step by step, following the Stronger Story Canvas. The session was coordinated by Will and Leah from Stronger Stories.

CV Clinic

Whether you are seeking your dream job, looking to make a change of direction, or trying to secure an internship that will give you the experience and contacts you need to set out on your career, your CV is the starting point. That’s why EIT RawMaterials Alumni offered members a FREE CV Clinic, to help them maximise their potential in the job market by making their CV stand out.

The CV Clinic consisted of an online group workshop and a one-to-one personalised follow-up session during which the participants received professional feedback on their CV. Both the online workshop and one-to-one sessions had great feedback from participants and many of the participants shared the news that they have already used what they learned in the workshop to improve their CVs.

Stress Management

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious? Then you are not alone! Current studies have shown that rates of depression and stress increased significantly in 2020. Because burnout prevention is such an important topic nowadays, EIT RawMaterials Alumni decided to offer stress management courses for our alumni members. Students from over 10 countries met online with a stress management expert, exchanging their personal stress experiences and coping strategies during live online training sessions.

Toni Burmeister is a trainer in Stress and Time Management, and facilitated the sessions. Toni said: “As we begin the new year, it’s a good time to reflect about our personal thinking and behaviour patterns from last year. What was good? Where can I improve in the future? Already changing our attitude concerning stress can help a lot! It is not something bad, that we should avoid – try to see stress more as your friend! Newer studies have shown that the stress hormone cortisol can even have some positive aspects for us. Already a few minutes of self-care with exercises like meditation, journaling, sport, can have a huge impact on how we feel. It’s up to you!”

Commenting on their experience in the training session, one participant wrote: “This was like a retreat that actually forced me to implement what I learned or think I know already, plus the other participants’ as well as Toni’s insights were very refreshing and helpful”. The trainees agreed that they would be implementing the techniques into their daily lives.

A big thank you to all those who took part, and we wish all EIT RawMaterials Alumni a happy, productive and mindful 2021!

Coding workshop

Engineers in industry face large amounts of data on a daily basis. Processing this data can no longer be done efficiently in Excel. Learning how to analyse complex data using R and RStudio will allow you to fully leverage your domain knowledge as an engineer in this digital world.

EIT RawMaterials Alumni offered members the opportunity to get a grounding in this vital skill for their future career. The Data Analysis Workshop took place online on 1st, 2nd and 4th December 2020. During this workshop participants had a chance to get familiar with R and RStudio and gained the ability to read, process and visualize CSV-data.

This exercise-based workshop helped our alumni members take their first steps with this open-source software. The workshop was facilitated by our former Alumni Board President Denis Gontcharov, who is a freelance data scientist.


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