EIT RawMaterials seeks an external supplier to support the development of the Due Diligence in Mineral Supply Chains MOOC.

The Due Diligence MOOC is a massive open online course designed to raise awareness about the importance of due diligence in mineral supply chains. Its primary focus is on addressing due diligence, sustainable management of supply chains, and the responsible sourcing of mineral raw materials within global value chains. Given the increasing complexity of due diligence and responsible sourcing requirements, along with the growing challenge of staying updated with the latest developments, there is a clear demand for a comprehensive course that consolidates vital information and best practices while seamlessly integrating theory and practical application. This course also serves as a central hub for networking and knowledge exchange, utilising interactive online tools to deliver an engaging and highly effective learning experience.

EIT RawMaterials will require (an) expert partner(s) to undertake the following tasks:

  • Manage the overall project coordination including project schedule, budgets, and resources
  • Develop the MOOC content, methodology and design
  • Speaker on-boarding and coordination
  • Manage the production process of the MOOC content and oversee the post-production activities
  • Joint responsibility with EIT RawMaterials for promotional activities including marketing strategies, and promotional materials to ensure the success of the course

Experience needed


  • Relevant experience with developing similar education projects and expertise in due diligence in mineral supply chains
  • Budget and backflow agreements


  • Experience working on EU-funded projects


Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria will be based on experience in the three areas listed above (score 0-5 on each criterion) plus the value for money (score 0-10) and the overall quality of the offer (score 0-10). The highest-scoring bidder will be selected for the contract.

The proposal should include a brief overview of your organization’s involvement in providing services in the education sector, a detailed set of deliverables, a timeline and milestones with the corresponding resources, a pricing model, and a detailed financial analysis that is requested to execute your proposal.

Important Timelines:

Deadline for applications: 9 November 2023, 23:59 CET
Communication of results: 9 December 2023
Project start: 2 January 2023

Project production is expected to last up to 6 months, from the start of project coordination in January 2024 to the project launch in June 2024. We would welcome a phone call to discuss the requirements.

Please contact Jan Eggert, Head of Education, at jan.eggert@eitrawmaterials.eu