CLC West gathers 17 partners in industry, research institutes and universities from Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Portugal. CLC West partnership provides expertise in circular economy, recycling of complex end-of-life products and urban mining, the recovery of valuable raw materials from industrial residues and landfill mining. Substitutes such as (lightweight, composites) as well as deep exploration and mining (including sea floor) and mineral processing are the core strengths of the partnership. The co-location center is located in Leuven, Belgium, on the science & technology campus of KU Leuven, the most innovative university of Europe according to Reuters (2016).

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The team

General Manager 

Rosalia Delgado

Business Developer 

Beant Dijkstra (the Netherlands and Germany)

Business Developer 

Stefan Milis (Belgium and the UK)

Education Officer

Wesley Crock

Team Assistant

Sonia Munoz Blanc